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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Thanks for the Ad: Intermix Fall 2011

If these washed fuzzy effect ads were for any fashion label or boutique, I'd write about how they rile me up for an Autumn of marled sweaters and textured jackets 

But the fact that these grainy ads are for Intermix contributes an extra layer of intelligent appeal since the visuals feel like they are made of mixed media, mixed layers, mixed sources

I can see these images in windows, on shopping bags and in magazines, so there's a versatile outlet for them too

Kudos Intermix, for capturing an artistic representation of both brand and season.

Well Octoberfest is Coming

I've never met a pair of cropped pants or suspenders I didn't say to myself "Self, that's an outfit!"

And nothing dresses up a pair of sweat pants lime lacy matador style trim. This my evening sweat pants; I'm going out!

Oh Jeremy Scott I'm so ready to share a pint with ya' and since I found these little buggers on my new fave German e-commerce, I can pick them up on my way to Octoberfest. Wirklich!

(Adidas x Jeremy Scott "Torero" pants in University Red, 249,00 EUR at The Good Will Out,

Dear Whiny Londoners


Looks like you got your wish:

"Alexander McQueen appreciates the huge amount of interest the public has shown towards the Savage Beauty exhibition. We have been in discussion with a number of major venues in London for some time now, however nothing has been finalized. Please be assured that an official announcement will be made the moment we confirm our plans for London."   

-Official Press Release

(To London or bust!)

Now I have just have two questions here:

  1. Is it weird to talk for a diseased person in the third person like that? 
  2. You guys have some of the strongest money in the world, you really couldn't have popped 'round New York to take it in over the Summer? 

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Wonderland Magazine is the Queen of My Heart

Alexander Skarsgard has been everywhere lately smoldering and promoting the fourth season of True Blood (and this movie I have no idea what is about?) but how cute is he here in the Autumn/Winter issue of Brit mag, Wonderland?  

He's really re-invigorating this Hipster/Duckie look and looks fun and nerdy. Kudos to Wonderland for taking him on this sweet detour from the usual obvious sexual Thor path

But then I'm probably one of the few people that liked Eric better in his puppy dog amnesia state. Aww, cutie. 

According to Housing Works, FALL Has Begun!

Today at the Soho location of Housing Works, their annual "Best of FALL" event begins. Each store in succession will debut all new fashion, housewares, artwork and more in time to usher in the new season.

Doors open tomorrow at the Soho store at 5pm, but get there early, cuz it's always bumpin'!

(The calm before the Housing Works storm)

Housing Works Soho, 130 Crosby Street, 646-786-1200

Ladurée Gets Its Mac on!

The macarons are coming, the macarons are coming... oh wait, as of today 9am, they are HERE!

And with these seasonal tastes arriving with the opening, somebody try to stop me from gobblin' up lime and chocolate and lily of the valley. Reviews to come, darlins!

Monday, August 29, 2011

I Survived Hurricane Irene and All I Got was FAT

Child, what happened? Irene promised a madcap shakeup but really only popped by for a nitecap.

Meanwhile, Mr Taurus and I holed up with a week's worth of "emergency provisions" and some questionable movie choices

Now I got a gut full of veggie sausage and a mind full of oversized rats trying to gnaw up on Ida Lupino

(Show that Hot Wheels who's boss!)

Friday, August 26, 2011

C'mon Irene?

So all this hub-bub about Hurricane Irene hittin' New York City this weekend (Umm... didn't we have our first earthquake in a minute too? Jebus! What's going on around here?!) and all I can think is: what am I gonna wear?

1.  Snorkel Umbrella, in grey or yellow, $44 at

From 25togo a novelty company from Taiwan comes this dome umbrella with built-in goggle opening so you can see the people scattering the streets of Soho

(Don't try creepin' up on me, b***h! I can see you!)

2, Marimekko Rain Poncho, $75 at

My LOVE for Marimekko is well known, but this purple and blue raindrops print inside this super utilitarian poncho is the ONLY ones that will be fallin' on your head. 

3. Aquatalia Rain Boots, $265 at

Just cuz you're puddle jumpin' don't mean you can't be cute. Although Aquatalia has a great reputation as keeping your feet dry and bangin', so cute is only half the battle here, honey. 

And if all else fails, stay home hoarded up with some Netflix and Pop Tarts

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Juicy Couture's Pressed to Play with the Big Boys

Uh-oh terry cloth enthusiasts it looks like the Juicy's gonna dry up.

A little birdie (a very cute one at that, grrr) recently divulged to It Can't All Be Dior that Juicy Couture is reinventing itself with the focus on couture and leaving the juicy at the door

(Bye bye, sugar. And not a minute too soon.)

The brand, owned by Liz Claiborne Inc., is going through a full re-haul. Stores will be completely redesigned and packaging and advertising will be pushed into a new frontier as well. CEO Bill McComb is hoping for a similar renaissance like he's performed at Kate Spade, another brand now successfully guided under the Claiborne hand

(Could Juicy Couture be getting a new image with a youthful brand ambassador like its sister label, Kate Spade?)

Meanwhile the clothes themselves will emphasis refined, tailored and grown up styles with no pink or rhinestones in sight

(And definitely NO butt messaging!)

Think when Erin Fetherston did last year's Holiday capsule collection

Actually, there's an interesting thought: have they approached Fetherston to become full time creative director? She does toe the line beautifully between girly and luxurious. No confirmation yet on any new design talent, but you know we'll keep you posted!

Like a Persian

Look I was gonna make a more crass and obvious Pussy pun here, but I'm neither crass nor obvious, darlin'. Anyway in order to promote the 2011 VMA's this weekend, MTV released videos of some of its more notorious moments in awards history as performed by pets. Let's see if this pussy got anything on Madonna

Ooh it didn't take long for her to get on all fours! Meow baby!

Original Link:

Doin' It: Vintage Hermes Robe on Ebay

I don't wear a robe, but boy oh boy if I did, I'd traipse around the apartment in a cheetah print terry cloth hooded number from Hermes. Bring on the baths, darlin', cuz I'm never leaving the house! Meow!

(Vintage Hermes terrycloth robe, size small, $489, at

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A-VOGUE-ing Temptation

You know, I came home from a long day of work last nite and the last thing I needed, neighbor was for you to be leaving these little tempting traps for me right in the lobby.

Can't you just hear its siren song "Steal me! Steal me! No one has to know"

Now lucky for you I'm discreet, but if I was you, darlin' I wouldn't air my issues in public like that.

Thanks for the Ad: Taking the Is Out of Kate Spade

Kate Spade, you know I love you and usually support all your windows and ads and such, but I gotta say your "is" is dangling. The sign as placed looks a little "Under is Stated Overrated" and that's just gibberish! 

But I'll ignore the editor in me and just give you a knowing smile as I pass by your store on Mercer and Broome. 

My Succotash Wish

I haven't had succotash in years, child, but talking its yumminess up yesterday to a clueless co-worker I knew I  HAD to come home and wrangle me up some! Num nums!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Could You Soon Buy Directly Off

Yes, is moving into a tangible print magazine come October and while that's quaint, the real take away is the buried co-announcement it will start an e-commerce option too.

Fashionologie interviewed editor-in-chief, Dick Standen who confided

"We are working with six New York City designers to be announced during fashion week. They are going to make a very limited number of pieces available directly from their Spring [2012] collection, so that people will be able to buy them right away. We are going to coordinate it with the launch of the magazine so, technically end of October. They will be able to buy it and will receive a nice package in the mail within days."

So now if you're feeling Derek Lam's lamé or Donna Kern's kick pleats for Spring 2012 you can buy them right off the runway. This is a huge opportunity for instant connection to their audience and broadening their customer base beyond the well heeled ladies who usually reserve first dibs. 

Yesterday was a Hellish Day and Ended with a Hell Night

Yesterday I couldn't get in the mood. I had a list prepared but my body said "couch only today, buddy!" Probably for the better since I was in a rotten funk (lack of sleep makes me cranky!)

Anywho, when Mr G came home he wasn't feelin' it either so we went to our fool proof feel better: "White girl get cut" aka horror/slasher/dasher.

Last nite's Entry? "Hell Night" 

starring Linda Blair, Vincent Van Patten and this guy

Whom my cuckoo ass identified instantly as that guy who gets killed in the shower of "Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter" 

(Doug played by Peter Barton, gets squeaky clean before meeting Jason in "Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter", aka part Four cuz that ish never gonna end!)

Which either makes me really good at spotting pretty boys with dark hair or one of the few people who bought the Friday the 13th box set as an investment piece, either way: weird.

So back to "Hell", the movie is surprisingly good with some loose plot about four frat/sorority pledges spending a nite in the local haunted house. Inside there's all the standbys of fully lit candelabras that nobody ever questions, spiderwebs in the stair railings, see-through ghosts in the lobby and mysterious wailing coming from the attic. But the most frightening thing of all is...


Seriously who thought this face a star? Yikes! And all these lines from cute frat boys about "who is that?" and "isn't she fine?" and all. Icky. Sorry Linda Blair, I'm sure you're a lovely person but when your signature role is convincingly playing a vomit spewing girl possessed by the devil, you never were gonna be the teen dream.

Oh right, the plot. Well there's an inbred creature (or two) just trying to live they life. But up come these meddling kids trespassing into they inherited stately manor. What would you do? Exactly: run the halls offing the pledges and the brothers trying to scare them with a nice mix of kills via scythe, neck twisting and beheading. It's the only logical recourse.

Oh and before meeting his doom the Van Patten progeny for some reason runs around in his boxer shorts the whole film

Which I was ok with

So at the end of the day "Hell Night" was just what I needed. Energy up and happiness boosted. White girl get cut works every time folks! 

And did I mention it's totally available on Netflix instant? We five starred that ish!

Victoria Beckham's Flat Out Uncomfortable

Posh forced to wear FLATS!

(Photo from

What a girl wants, what she really, really wants is her right to high heels back, but Victoria Beckham has been ordered by docs to lay off the Louboutins and kick off the Kirkwoods for sensible shoes. Eww. 

With a slipped disc in her back, Posh, who has worn towering heels through four full term pregnancies, is now flat out of shoe options. I'm sure she can make them work, but here's to a speedy recovery and a hasty return to your right to Choos. 

Wait there's a Baltimore Fashion Week?!

(Photo of Isis doin' her thang from Patrick McMullan)

Every fashion blog is reporting how Isis King from Top Model walked in Baltimore Fashion Week, but the real news here is there's a Baltimore Fashion Week and I wasn't invited?!

How is this possible? Baltimore, what other New York journo gives you more love than me? I'm a little tiffed. I'll be in my room. Hmph.

Monday, August 22, 2011

H+M Says Let Make Lots of Money

I don't know why but I'm getting a strong Pet Shop Boys feel from H+M's men's Fall campaign

Am I alone on this? 

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