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Monday, August 8, 2011

Don't Scare the Boys

The following is an assessment of Ryan Gosling's Gucci suit worn on the red carpet recently

And here's my assessment: are you f**kin' stupid anonymous source (I'll leave that way to avoid rioting outside their New York office)?

First off he looks kinda amazing both in the hubba- hubba kinda way and in the "work it out!" way too.

Second, here's a man who took a risk when most actors are showing up to red carpets in ripped jeans and t-shirts.

Ryan is sharp, crisp and on trend here and he looks comfortable and hip. This throwback printed material and the slender cut suits him (pun intended). Men get so weirded out by showing their body in any form of fit tighter than "relaxed" and so often rather than take a risk, default to sloppy, capricious outfits. This harsh criticism for Mr. Gosling's efforts will just reinforce the double standard that women must show up to events DONE and men can phone it in.

Well, I for one think you, Mr. Gosling look fantastic and I'd be happy to be your date for the evening. Seriously. Write me....

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