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Friday, August 5, 2011

Next Movie Nite, Take a "Walk on the Wild Side"

A sauntering black feline slicks through the alleys of New Orleans to an Elmer Bernstein score in Saul Bass' intro to "Walk on the Wild Side". Instantly I knew this was my kinda flick

Honey, just peer at that gay man's fantasy football league of a cast!

(Ohh Jane, you're chewing on more than that cigarette tip!)

Anywho, PLOT: Laurence Harvey hitches from Texas to N'awlins with Jane Fonda

who goes rogue only to turn up once again at The Dollhouse, the fancy Southern brothel where the top tier gal (Capucine) also turns out to be Harvey's long lost love he's been trying to find all these years

(With those stunning cheek bones and even sleeker Pierre Cardin wardrobe, who can blame Madame and monsieur?!)

Once he finds her he ditches the gas station attendant life he'd found with pseudo-Mexican Anne Baxter and offers up a fully furnished apartment and marriage proposal to Capucine. She reveals her true profession and runs back to sorta lesbian Madame Barbara Stanwyck

(Lesbian Madames love silk scarves, you know)

Harvey's convinced he can change his former love's wicked ways but tragedy awaits with heavy handed shades of lesbianism, racism (Anne Baxter? Really, were NO Mexicans available?!), the handicapped and morality

(The meeting of the minds, this isn't)

Needless to say: LOVED IT!

In a sea of quotes, my favorite was when the landlord of the apt Harvey hopes to whisk his lady off to hears she's a sculptor (oh yeah, Capucine is supposedly adept with her hands. Beyond the obvious.) she retorts "An artist huh? I don't allow drinkin' or yellin'" Ha! Truth!

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