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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

DON'T Let The New York Times Discourage You

(Why does the picture to thiis NY Times article have to have an immigrant worker tinge?)

I've had my issue with The New York Times before and I truly understand that this article on people starting up a "Plan B" job as a new career path after the "Great Recession" was meant to be an earnest warning, but as someone who has recently started their own successful self-employment, I say: go for it!

Like the people interviewed in this piece, I drudge through the running around, the spreadsheets and the long hours but unlike most of the subjects I work a 40+ hour job and still do freelance styling and writing on the side. In addition! But I never would say it's too hard or try to dishearten anyone from following their dream. Only through your own business and own projects can you honestly be independent. 

But like anything in our instant gratification society, if it takes some work, we gripe. We are not interested in investments. Elbow grease is purchased away with Swifter mops and dusters. And a whole generation has been handed awards "just for playing". All this makes us forget that the sweetest fruit is one sewn by hand.

Let me make this point clear: I love my day job and I am hooked on the intrigue of my side projects, but nothing feels directly fulfilling like a sale on my Ebay store. That's 100% me: My eye, my hunt, my skill for knowing the market and researching competitive pricing, for writing engaging copy, for showcasing the best attributes of clothes and shoes through my styling and copywriting skills. Is it long hours and hard work? You betcha. But for my dream, I have all the Time(s) in the world.

Original New York Times article:

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