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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Window Dressing on the Side: New York is PROUD

(Old Navy is loud and proud in Soho)

New York, I'm proud of you!

On Friday June 24th, New York became the sixth state in the U.S. to pass full Gay Marriage. This ain't no fake marriage "union" New York is offering, this is full rights recognized. Based on this important legislation and other liberties allowed me here, I am glad to call New York my new home and I shudder at a glaring slight by my beloved home state of Maryland that the bill was not passed back in March. 

Nonetheless, it's PRIDE in New York today and the party will be intense. The streets have been alive with the crackle of celebration since Friday nite when the passing was announced. 

Here I offer you up some of the great windows I've seen this week (even before the gay marriage bill passed). I hope you can appreciate the joy in these windows and ads and how, for just a moment, it wasn't about selling t-shirts

(Kate Spade has the pinkest, most "dazzling" window)

(The HRC is out of D.C. and I remember many times as a teen seeing the Georgetown outpost of Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams sponsoring events. They are indeed, long time partners in support!)

And lastly, while not a "window" this ad by Manhattan Mini Storage, a company that always uses clever, timely and politically charged copy to promote, feels right on the nose. Happy PRIDE!

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