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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

End of the Road: Davy Jones

Davy Jones death, look what you've done to me. Me and my whole world :(


Charlize Theron is Gonna Kill This!

Miss South Africa is really taking quite a bite out of the Evil Queen role here

Dishwater Stewart has her hands full to make us not root for her demise.


Dries Goes Escher

You remind me of the babe

What babe? 

The babe with the MC Escher poster in her dorm room

Project Runway All Stars: U.N. Me?

Man this week's All Stars really blew, am I right? You give them some hollow flag challenge at the U.N. and then get mad at them for making things that felt like Epcot costume castoffs? Geez, make up your mind, judges!

Colors of the World / Spice up your life! Or pose for it, damnit! 

As for the designs, these are dresses we've seen before and far better


This draped, chiffon with knotting detail became one of Austin's signatures. This ain't it.


He did a very similar silhouette for that polka dot number Michael Kors and Nina Garcia hated but Heidi promised (and delivered!) to wear. That was better.

In this week's awarding of the prize, I'ma do something a little controversial and dole it out based not on the clothes on the runway but the clothes on their backs.

Austin's gay gestapo wins by a leg warmer!


Austin   4

Mondo  4

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Sick Day Oscar Review

Ugh. Head hurts. Nose stuffed and coughing. Gross. But here's my Tussin soaked thoughts on Oscar fashion


Milla Jovovich in Elie Saab

I gasped and grabbed my sister when we saw her in the audience stealing every shot she snuck into. This B always looks good and in my fantasy life we're BFF's throwing back brews in dive bar. Maybe she's not wearing Elie Saab in that fantasy. 

Octavia Spencer in Tadashi Shoji

Been killin' it all awards season long. And enough of 'she know how to dress for her shape'. B know how to dress! And I love a lady loyal to a designer. 

Gwyneth Paltrow in Tom Ford

Love her or hate her (and God knows folks hate), Gwyn knows how to work a sleek look. This Tom Ford capsule style sheath and cape feels forward in a way that no Marchesa can.


The Oscars this year were so neutral that something as simple as body placement wins a normal best on the worst

Angelina Jolie in Atelier Versace



Melissa Leo in Reem Acra

Boy this was yuk. When she got up to present I shouted "a shirtdress? Really, girl?" The full view ain't much better. In her defense ML was never known for her style.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Off For a Birthday Weekend

In honor of this here blog's 2nd birthday (and my sister's 40th), I'm taking a long weekend in Maryland and won't be writing til Tuesday.

But enjoy some Vintage 'Dior'!



Thursday, February 23, 2012

It Can't All Be Dior's Birthday Present #6

An advance copy of that blasted new Madonna album!

Surely someone has this by now, right?

It Can't All Be Dior's Birthday Present #5

This retarded t-shirt from House of Holland available at Beacon's Closet right now

Oh, Tyra, girl, you need to live!

(House of Holland blue cotton 'Tyra' t-shirt, $12.95 at Beacon's Closet,

It Can't All Be Dior's Birthday Present #4

That the much hyped film version/remake of "Dark Shadows" is even a fraction as deliciously campy as the original series

Please don't "Planet of the Apes" this ish, Tim Burton!

It Can't All Be Dior's Birthday Present #3

Blue Velvet Shoes! 

Or more accurately these D&G 'Royal Midnight Velvet Lace Ups' with the kinda 50's lounge rat silver square heel (plus boyfriend needs all the little height me ups I can get!)

I'd probably scuff them all to hell on the first wear, but then they segue from windowpane lightweight wool suit pairings and into vintage t-shirt and ripped knee jeans Summer looks. Cobalt boldness!

(Royal midnight velvet lace ups, D&G, $398.76 at My Wardrobe,

It Can't All Be Dior's Birthday Present #2

Gaultier in at Dior.

No one is even throwing his name around and with today's news of Raf Simon's departure at Jil Sander, his rumored appointment seems inevitable now.

While Raf's stark, modern minimalism would definitely be interesting to see play out at a house long known for over the top ruffles and trim, my heart is still pining for Gaultier. He truly gets the the drama and artistic femininity of the brand and would create confections women would swoon over

My hopes are not high, but hell, didn't I just ask for Ryan Gosling?

Clearly reality is loose on this list.

It Can't All Be Dior's Birthday Present #1

Last nite on the subway, either I had the luck of being smiled at twice by Ryan Gosling or some very fortunate young'in that shares his dimples and lightly mussed hair.

I love Mr Taurus, but if I have a celeb "Get Out of Jail Free card" I'd like to play it here and ask for:

Ryan Gosling, in glasses


It Can't All Be Dior Turns TWO!

Happy Birthday to It Can't All Be Dior! My little blog that could turns two today!

So in lieu of regular posting, I'ma put up things you should nab for me in celebration.

Please send all packages to:    Stately Grand Street Manor, New York, NY, 10013

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

It's 60 Degrees Out Today and Yet...

My mind lingers on this Pringle of Scotland sweater Alistair Carr showed earlier at London Fashion Week

Man, I'd really give that jagged chevron a what for, if it were cold out!

24 Minute Bug

Ok, so over the weekend, Mr Taurus and I started our apartment hunt. We're looking to move to Park Slope. The first spot we checked out, the guy showing us the place was all laisez faire and evasive. I was asking questions and he was like "yeah, yeah, yeah. Of course. You want? You want?"

Then I propose the all important "How's the pests?" issue. He blew it off with a wave of the hand blatantly ignoring the baby roach crawling on the wall that perhaps was the catalyst for my question to begin with.

Umm, where there's baby, there be nest nearby. And not our rent checks. Peace!

A Tale of Peter Jensen

Just a reminder, today starts Lent! 

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A Little Cake and Ice Cream in Her Bowl

Happy would have been 79th birthday, my love.



Ooh the battle of the queens grew electric this week when the challenge became "BROADWAY"! 

And what a fabulously muddled challenge at hand. So the character the designers are creating for is rich and showy but she should look like she stole items from a flea market? 

Thanks "Godspell" actress we never saw again for that very explicit explanation 

(Ooh, girl, did no one tell you that you were gonna be on TV? The stage is forgiving.) 

Let's see what our little costumer elves banged out in response


Workin' it!


Here's why Austin is an 'All Star' in the land of reality television: when this came out I was like 'oh he is done for!' but somehow this take on one of Henry the 8ths lesser wives totally played out almost nailing him a win? What?



Was there a part of this week's instruction I missed? Where did it say make a direct historical reference to a lady of royalty, because if this ain't some Catherine the Great ish, I'll be a monkey's uncle! And that Eraserhead hair? Ooh child. 

Hey, at least we managed to go the whole episode without jazz hands....


Well despite that offense I'm giving it to Mondo, cuz in my fantasy league, nerd alert, battle royale between former queens, Catherine could whoop on Marie Antoinette any old day. Take that queen!

Austin    3

Mondo   4

Look Who's a Fan of Our Book Club!

I loved and read this romance between Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton back in July. Glad to see Lindsay took my recommendation. Now if only, she'd heed some of my other words of advice...

Long Live Burberry's Rain

In-door rainstorm at Burberry Prorsum's Fall 2012 collection

That Christopher Bailey sure knows how to make a splash, and with pieces like this, he knows how to make it rain!

(I seriously sighed at the swoosh of that sweater's draped collar)


Friday, February 17, 2012

The Ethical Fur Solution

With the New York Fall 2012 runways ablaze with fur, obviously this ugly trend is not going anywhere. So how does one ethically bridge the gap between heart and sleeve?

Answer: vintage. A fur that already exists causes no further damage and without people adopting old furs into their wardrobe, add to overstuffed landfills. It's the perfect green solution to an otherwise deadly fad. 

And what perfect timing since the 96th and Broadway Housing Works is hosting a recycled and vintage fur event tomorrow 

So now not only does a second hand fur benefit the animals you've spared the knife, but all $$ spent goes to people living with AIDS. Charity squared! 

At 11am Saturday, Housing Works 96th Street

2569 Broadway between 96th & 97th streets


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