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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Thanks for the Ad: Drew Barrymore for Neiman Marcus

In every department store across this great land of ours all signs point to Fall (even some boutiques have made the switch). On Neiman Marcus website they went the extra step to differentiate themselves and step up their Fall game. 

A list star shot by a world renown photog in a full on Fall fashion editorial? This is more like your favorite magazine's September issue

And that, of course, is the point. Pull in the customer, give them something to connect with and take away so they remember N.M. when its time to spend those Fall clothing dollars

Neiman's did a pretty great job here. Some of the clothes I'm not sure about on Drew bu the above pic with her tousling her hair is my favorite: dramatic yet relatable and somehow still about the clothes (that's some Neiman's exclusive Chanel there, darlin'!)

And ending this series is the editorially essential "bring out the fan" shot. Cuz my chiffon billows like that wherever I go. Doesn't yours? 

Jokes aside, this is a great way to pull in established customers as well as newer and younger. drew has a keen way of maturing while holding on to that youthful demographic (hence her omnipresent Cover Girl ads during Top Model). Kudos to you, Neiman's. I think you've definitely got a leg up on your other e-commerce competitors. Now bring on the chill in the air! 

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