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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Comeback Week: Equality

I'm glad you see the error of your ways and now I'm proud to say, so did the Supreme Court. This is a great week of PRIDE! 

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Comeback Week: Stefano Pilati Ermenegildo

Stefano Pilati made a huge comeback this week at his premier outing for Ermenegildo Zegna. Easily one of the most anticipated shows of milan men's fashion week (Pitti Uomo), Pilati did not disappoint with his typical stret and art scene flourish added to classic tailoring. This is what he masterfully accomplished at YSL before being unceremoniously dumped. Well Kerring's lost is the family Zegna's gain and this collaboration felt like that. A unification of signature label pieces filtered through the eye of a showman with tailor tendencies. 

Particularity of note were lightweight, neutral suits with layered long sleeve t-shirts rolled back at the cuffs

The suit was lent both an urban, laidback cool as well ad an indifference to a suit. I enjoy that aggressive approach Pilati always takes. His is never just a version of house tropes, but rather a rebuttal. How easy would it have been for him to just send out clean business suits in the typical Zegna mold. Easy, but boring. Rather he roughed them up with modern styling and laissez faire. "These details add personality, mine inevitably, and that of Zegna as the world knows it," Pilati told Women's Wear Daily the day of the show

The styling is indeed a reflection of Pilati's languid style: nothing's buttoned. Everything's tossed on with only your eye on the clock as you dart out the door. But it's your foresight to curate such a mix and match wardrobe in the first place and, well, your confidence that makes it work 

This irreverence is refreshing and feels like, in this age of running behind and distractions, the way to dress.

Plus, words aside, this is just a damn beautiful coat 

Welcome back, Stefano. The phoenix has risen once more (tip of my hat to any who get that reference) 

Monday, June 24, 2013

Comeback Week: Kelly Rowland

This month has seen a lot of It Can't All Be Dior favorites making major comebacks and we're gonna feature them this week for doin' they dooz.

First up is my girl, Kelly Rowland. Remember that moment during Beyonce's Super Bowl performance when Kelly shot up from the floor looking like sex in a sleek banged wig?

Well girlfriend really capitalized on that moment this year with a sassy string of singles that lead up to the release of her fourth solo album, "Talk A Good Game"

And Ms. Kelly know her audience, honey. 

This record is filled with R&B summer jams and slow baby makers

"Cause if you give me your love
Then I give you mines back
If you get to acting up
I cut you off like that"

there's shots of euro dancey numbers for the gays




and even a Beyonce and Michelle colab for her pop starved fans (who affectionately call themselves "Rowland Stones")

I can say I'm done in a million ways

                    But let's not beat around the bush

                                                     Let's cut to the chase

                                                                           You changed, I changed but it's too late

"Talk A Good Game" is a nice grab bag of jams slow and fun, and while at 15 tracks it could have benefited from an edit, I appreciate how much effort Rowland put into this album. I'm not sure there's another crossover like 'Motivation' on here, but it will certainly please her fans and to that I say: Keep on Rowland on! 

Friday, June 21, 2013

Move Over Karl Lagerfeld

Nick Graham, chief executive of NGO Inc and founder of Joe Boxer, had a lot to say in an op-ed piece for Women's Wear Daily about men embracing their inner peacock

From the grad 'em title, "Men are the New Women", Graham shot off a string of bon mots including 

"I don't mean men should start dressing like Lady Bunny, but we can go much further than we do" 

"Style is like knowing someone all your life; a trend is having dinner with someone and never seeing them again" 

On how retail has changed: "We can no longer hide behind a store door that opens at 930 a.m. to let people buy what we tell them to" 

On how color has taken over menswear: "Don't get me wrong, I like brown; it looks great on camels and trees" 

Read the whole piece featuring tons more quotable quotes here:

Thursday, June 20, 2013

My New Fred Perry Sneakers Made it Out the Box Today!

These cobalt canvas killers I nabbed off eBay a month ago and have been waiting for the infernal rain to stop. 

Got a clear day today to slip 'em on and take off

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Burberry Men's Spring 2014 ... You Just Get Me

Child, I want EVERYTHIN from Christopher Bailey's latest outing for Burberry Prorsum 

Ooh mesh tank over shirt and tie? I've literally rocked this look

Loud obnoxious prints? YES, please! 

Sweater vests? A staple of my wardrobe

And I'm a man who loves a broach 

Man, I don't even NEED to buy any of this. I got it all in my closet already! #Score 

Robert Pattison Dior Ad Leaked Images are Black and White Romance

Leaked images of Robert Pattinson's Dior Homme fragrance ad look all dreamy French romance. 

Monday, June 17, 2013

I Gotta Invest in Some Christopher Kane Spring 2014

Cuz these structured sweat pieces 

would actually inspire me 

to go to the gym

And the short set above would show off 

my killer gams

Maybe not the Tevas, though 

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Three Reasons I love Resort Collection (In Pictures)

When I was in Toronto, my friend, fellow fashion writer Naomi Mdudu from The Fashpack and I were talking about Resort collections and how much we liked them. She brought up some good points on why they are the emerging fashion darling of the designer collections and added to my personal reasons why I love these "in-betweeners"

1. They offer sharp and necessary change for the designers at retail

It's late December / early January and you are now officially bored with your tartans and tweeds you so romanticized mere months ago. You want change from the mounds of snow and 30 and below. Enter tropical prints and soft silks

(Peter Pilotto)

2. They allow designers to test Spring collection ideas

Your strengths lie in designing graphic, clean colorblocking and mixed media shoes. The public's pep for peplums has popped. Now you know before you waste valuable assets and store space to these ideas. Carrying over proven ideas into the next season is a lot easier when you have a test lab without the Spring delivery pressures

(Roksanda Ilincic)

3. They're no longer for rich folks who 'resort'

Resort began as a way to showcase swimwear for luxury clients who don't know what the term 'cabin fever' means. The jet-set elite who literally jumped in their jets for warmer climes at the first snowflake. Worry not, you 1%, Resort still shows lighter weights and, of course, a swimsuit or two, but these are also great pieces for work or wear with heavy coats - those aforementioned tweeds are instantly exciting again!

(Giambattista Valli) 


(" 'Oh, I'm off to the shore. toodles.' Bitch")

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

PictureGraf: Just Say No to Carbs

That's one smoking piece of pie. Seriously who's rippin' into some boysenberry on the B train? 

Monday, June 10, 2013

Every Gent Needs

I'ma start a new regular post on It Can't All Be Dior on pieces essential to a men's wardrobe since that might be one of the most commonly asked questions I receive. 

As a gent who quite often wears a tie, I can't rave enough about a navy with white pin dot number. It is an essential for every wardrobe as it pulls every look together. I was fortunate enough to inherit my grandfather's insanely versatile vintage Yves Saint Laurent, but I love this cotton option from Good Heavens on Etsy

Skinny, preppy and sophisticated. Like the Renata Boeck of ties. And the first of the list of things, Every Gent Needs

(Handmade navy and white pin dot cotton tie, $37 at Good Heavens, 

Friday, June 7, 2013

Umm...This Be Good: Jason Wu Resort 2014 Slicker

It's been raining cats and dogs all day in New York with no clear days ahead this weekend

If only we all had sleek slickers like Jason Wu's Resort 2014 green machine 

Happy weekend, happy puddle jumpin' ! 

Resort to This: Phillip Lim's Office-Friendly Resort Collection

"Who has the time to go on vacation anymore?" wondered Phillip Lim to at his Resort 2014 showing this week. 

Sure enough the collection had a nice mish-mash of lux laddies who languish on islands post New Years and the women who have to schlep back to the office

Of course, keep in mind, I'm a full time fashion writer. These are the things ladies wear to work in my experience

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Resort to This: Erdem's Mom Must Have Been One Cool Chick

"I found some amazing pictures of my mom on holiday," Erdem Moralioglu stated as his inspiration for Resort 2014

Wow, judging from the lace, sheers and full skirts in this sweet and strong Erdem showing, she sure was one foxy momma! 

Lily Collins' Glamour Shots

(Making that Dior sing, honey!) 

Umm, Phil Collins' daughter know how to work a camera, honey

Boring lady celebs who just stand there in their obligatory fashion editorials? 

Take note!

***That Pucci cape shot in the rotating door is Audrey Hepburn romantic comedy everything! 

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Last Night

me and Mr Taurus shared a laugh on a sunset rooftop in Midtown Manhattan 

THanks for the AD: Gisele Gives Good Face?

Johan Lindeberg, the mastermind behind BLK DNM, knows the value of a well placed Gisele is your ad. But usually designers rely on her face, hair or toned and tanned physique to sell their wares. 

I was first taken aback by the lack of visage or recognizable parts in this street ad

What a waste of money. You KNOW Gisele don't come cheap! And then you don't even put her face in it, you don't even let people know it's Gisele, outside her name?? What are you insane???

And then I remembered: jeans are all about fit particularly how they make the butt look. And nobody got a high and tight like Mrs. Bunchen-Brady 

Thanks, I'll take 6 pairs! 

So kudos to you, Mr. Lindeberg, you advertising genius. 

What's French for Ridiculous?

Hey rich people? Got a spare $750 lying around and a great love of tomatoes? Well, this Hermes leather tomato coin pouch up on luxury resale site, Portero, is the faboo piece you've been waiting for 

Or you could donate money to a food shelter... just sayin'... 

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