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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Dr Bronner is Saving my Sick of Summer Ass

The heat has returned to New York and everyone is sick of it. A gross cloud of ennui has enveloped everyone I know and I see a lot of shvitzy shufflin' on the street. 

I have found a secret weapon, though. This peppermint body wash gives me a kick in the pants to wake up in the morning (already a very tough task) but then keeps me cool and jivey to get out the door and face that street sauna. 

This will work for now, but come on Fall!

(Peppermint oil liquid soap, Dr Bronner's, $15 for 32 oz at

Four Legs Good: Animal Haven Window Kittens

Little kittens napping? I want! I want!

(Animal Haven, 251 Centre Street, 212-274-8511,

Doin' It: Kris Van Assche

Kris Van Assche is one of my favorite menswear designers because he balances a love of Asian influenced draping while showcasing his Belgian obsession of pushing the envelope and a knowing wink or two.

These paper bag waist pants from his Fall 2010 collection, for example, are the ne plus ultra pant for my Fall inspiration, the founding fathers, with just a kiss of modernity.

I really, really am lusting after them, but the price tag may keep me at bay for now.

That is until Zara produces their version....

(100% wool paper bag waist pants with built in belt, Kris Van Assche, $390 at Yoox,

Monday, August 30, 2010

Last Nite's Party: Emmy Fashion

Ok, I watch a lot of tv, or so I thought. But I don't know who half these B's are on last nite's Emmy red carpet.

So I just gonna focus on the few I do....

I know Anna Paquin from True Blood and I know Alexander McQueen, but I don't think the two go together. She looks squat and too two tone. My high school colors were black and gold and that was probably the last time I needed to see someone wear just those two colors from head to toe. . 

I know Christina Hendricks because she's hot and all over the place from Mad Men to magazine covers to London Fog. I might be the only person out there who likes this lavender Zac Posen dress on her, but I think the milky skin, flame waves and floaty lilac number are all so rich and delicious. But I am also biased when it comes to redheads. I can't talk ish about them or Mr G will put the hurt on. 


Betty White straight doin' it and winning much deserved SNL hosting awards. Go Bets!

Another funny lady and SNL alum got it right. Sure, Tina Fey's Oscar de la Renta looks a bit like hieroglyphics but I think they read as "Go on now, Miss Tina!"

Another print, another True Blood actress. But unfortunately, another flop. Mr G and Miss GL are not fans of Rutina Wesley's Tara on the show and I always have to defend her. In this Douglas Hannant dress she looks ok and the print is fun, but the hair and makeup is indefensible. Honey, I don't need to remind you the face is the money. 

Who this girl? She's on The Office according to IMDB. She look like she on the way to prom. And I kinda not mad at that. 

I really not mad at these two. This is Muriel and Elaine Benes, together! At last. I'ma go fag out in a corner now. (Oh and if it matters, Toni's in Valentino and Julia's in Narciso Rodriguez, of course. She LOVE him.)

Cutest couple in love (notice the nerdy bow tie color matching her dress) Emily Blunt and John Krasinski

Attention whoriest couple in love Ty Burrell (who he???) and wife

Kelly Osbourne, are you even on tv anymore? Either way you look the best you've EVER looked in this Tony Ward dress, girl. Keep it up!

Prada is one of those labels that has a huge following and major respect in the industry. Rita Wilson is showcasing a prime example of why I always question Prada's reputation. Yikes!

Weekend Work Wardrobe

(Yellow Mello Yello t-shirt under brown check Comme des Garcons vest, vintage soccer ball belt, Forever 21 grey jeans, brown motorcycle boots and vintage Italian teal polka dot head scarf)

(Viktor and Rolf multi-collar shirt, mom's black and white plaid head scarf)

Sunday, August 29, 2010

This Week's Project Runway Moment

So Gretchen got bossy on her team this week and then had a bi-polar breakdown on the runway. Tim Gunn gave her and the team a tongue lashing and drama was nigh!

Meanwhile, Andy pulled a little "I'm gonna tune you out, annoying bossy girl and Tim Gunn and I'm gonna rig this everyday item to be part of my outfit'

Ha, we've all been there, girl!

Read these Lips

In Chinatown, you too can have permanent lipstick tattooed to your lips

I think I'm a "sister", not that I needed this pictograph to figure that out

The "western" option, meanwhile, has just the right tinge of racism to its beauty.

But I ask you, what the heck is a "Deut" and/or  "Dreamg"?

Relivin' my Gothy Days

Child! Me and Miss BH used to dance to this!

Beborn Beton - Another World

Friday, August 27, 2010

Last Nite's Dinner Party

Went to Miss JB's place on Stanton Street and made curried couscous with pine nuts and golden raisins. Yummers!

"Project Runway" played in the background

And we had some pinot noir

While leafing through some Fall issues

I got some kitty cat lovin' time with Lois

She's warming up to me still

And then we went out for a nitecap at Bowery Hotel after a long run of dress up in JB's closet

(Miss JB, doin' it!)

Feeling Ambivalent?

These rings from Margiela are either a kicky homage to Robert Mitchum in "Night of the Hunter" or a humorous commentary on the fickle state of our society. 

Either way I kinda dig the look. 

(Silver plated rings, Maison Martin Margiela 11, $149 each at

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Very Important for Fall: Fornarina Furry Arm Muffs

Is furry arm muff not the right term? Fluffy wrist sleeves? Sexy elbow warmers?

Anyway you label it, this is a "look" for sure, Fornarina. 

Thanks for the Ad: Alexander Wang T

Mr Taurus thinks Zoe Kravitz looks gorgeous. 

Agreed, and that makes the snoozie boy choice even more glaring. 


What Do You Wear When Martha Stewart Comes A'Callin?

Yesterday at work we taped a segment for The Martha Stewart Show. I took the opportunity to put my "professional" costume on.

The episode airs On September 20th. Check local listings.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

In Case You Forgot How Jeans Work

GAP so kindly has a new ad campaign designed for those of us who forgot what exactly we're to do with our denim.

And while I'm not sure what "wing it" means really, I enjoy the reminder to "wash it". I personally have ignored that direction for years, thank you, and that's why my fade and fit never wrecks. My advice: "don't wash it".

Anywho, here's the campaign that's flooding Soho right now along with the third day in a row of heavy rain

(might I suggest you listen to your own advice here, GAP)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I Have an Owie, Cynthia Rowley

I'm clumsy. I will find a way every day to run into a corner or trip over a shoe. To mask up the physical evidence of my dexterity, I use 3-M neon foam bandages, but now Cynthia Rowley has produced a line with Band Aid. 

Colorful cubic zirconia petite squares perfect for tiny nicks and sequins and runway shots for scratches and bruises. Love this and now I can stumble with style!

(Band-Aid designer bandages by Cynthia Rowley, $10 at

Perfect Day: New York with Miss CG

Miss CG came to New York yesterday for a long overdue visit. We spent the Autumnal, drizzly day strolling around, taking pics and eating

(Miss CG and me at "our spot" New York version, aka Dojo)

(in case The Riddler uses coat check)

After round 1 of eating,  we found a little black foxy dog to love up on in a West Village pet shop

(I shared with Miss CG Mr Taurus' fave spot)

(Stupid toothy grin only comes out when I'm really happy!)

After running around the city, we were famished and joined Mr Taurus, Mr G and Miss MT for dinner at Spring Street Natural

(this Paco Rabanne dish housed mussels. who knew?)

(uh-oh, someone's over the camera)

(one last shot)

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