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Monday, February 28, 2011

And Now for a Nice Palette Cleanser: Madonna!

Kids, I'm sorry, but after that hateful last post I NEEDED this! Once again Madonna has come to my aid. 

And while I'm not even sure this see-through, Mae West style from last nite's Vanity Fair Oscar party is appropriate to wear whilst holding hands with your teenage daughter, Madonna's sins seem so light right now, don't they?

Proof's in the Pudding. Or the Video.

Yesterday Mr G and I were talking about Galliano's alleged racist verbal assault. I contended that in this day and age oddly enough the best defense was lack of video.

Well British newspaper The Sun has a video. It's actually a previous Galliano racist rant at the same restaurant La Perle.

So now there's no drunken outburst defense. Clearly Galliano is anti-Semitic and a bigot. Career destroyed by hate.

And what of Dior now? Who will be the head designer of the storied house now?

Oscars 2011: My Take

Oscars. Fashion blog. Gay man. Fashion review. Hit it!

The Winners: 

1. Cate Blanchett in Givenchy Couture

Cate's a risk taker and has more style than you can shake a pair of chandelier earrings at. The portrait bodice and the stones and the pilgrim style squared off neckline are details no one else would dare. But she pulls them off and she can rock yellow like no other. Go on, now!

2. Gwyneth Paltrow in Calvin Klein Collection

I think this picture actually sums it up: in a sea of Marchesa style frills and frippery, Miss Sleek n' Shine looks like a modern day Paco Rabanne. Take note, Reese, this is how you do 60's homages without looking like a Barbie.

The "it's an honor to be nominated":

1. Reese Witherspoon in Armani Prive

Speaking of which, my sister and a lot of the press loved this. I thought she looked like an Austin Powers villainess and way too costumey.

But Mr Taurus had the best line of the nite with "what's with the obvious Sally Beauty Supply fall?"

2. Amy Adams in L'Wren Scott

I liked this cobalt crusted number and the emerald bracelet is a smart, glamorous pop. That necklace, however, should have stayed in the bottom of the ocean where the Titanic lady left it. Too much. A chic set of earrings would have been the right call here.

The losers:

1. Scarlett Johansson in Dolce and Gabbana

Look I understand she's one of the faces of Dolce and Gabbana, but the face is what is in question here

She looks rushed. Like when you go to a friend's birthday party and you can tell the birthday girl planned the dress way in advance but then was running so late that the hair and makeup were slap dashed. Poor thing. Better luck next year.

2. Nicole Kidman in Christian Dior Couture

It pains me to say this cuz Dior and Nicole Kidman are like fashion no brainers, so how did this go so wrong? Could this look more like a cheap 80's chain hotel's plastic sconces masquerading as fancy light fixtures? What happened to the days when Nicole was fashion royalty? She's dropped the ball a lot lately.

The Upset:

1. Sharon Stone in Christian Dior

You just know Joan and everyone is gonna tear her to shreds, but I love this crazy B for all her insanity and diva bravado.

And that ring. What the hell is with that ring?

You just know she dug that into people's hands and backs without care. Ha. Crazy kook, I love ya!

Happy Birthday Sister!

Glad we could gossip on the phone about what those tacky girls wore to the Oscars last nite and hope there's a Funfetti cake waiting for you today! Love ya!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Qu'est Que C'est it Ain't So!

(Photo from TMZ)

John Galliano has been suspended as creative director of Dior after being arrested Thursday nite for an alleged scuffle and anti-Semitic altercation with a couple at popular Parisian cafe, La Perle. 

Stories vary to what happened during the alleged fight, but response was swift from Dior. According to Women's Wear Daily

Christian Dior president and CEO Sidney Toledano confirmed that Galliano has been suspended from the house until police conclude their investigation. Toledano emphasized that Dior has a zero-tolerance policy against racism and Antisemitism

Galliano persists an argument did occur, but that he made no racial slurs. Several witnesses are coming forth and suits are being made on both sides.  

Wow! I hope this is all found to be untrue. Galliano is a master designer and talent and has been a huge force in the Renaissance of the storied house of Dior. I'd hate to think of any connection to bigotry. 

LVMH, owners of the Dior label, have not commented on next week's planned Fall 2011 fashion shows, nor any plans for the future. 

Below a very interesting video from Telegraph UK where Fashion Director Hilary Alexander interviews Vogue Italia Editor in Chief Franca Sozzani and's Godfrey Deeny about their thoughts about the allegations of a man they've worked with and known well over the years. 

Last Night a Cuchi Cuchi Saved My Life

Yes, Charo! Performing her new single "Sexy Sexy" last nite at Splash nightclub in
New York and I was there and dancing and shouting and taping it for your enjoyment.

You can thank me later

Friday, February 25, 2011

Child, Was That Sharon Stone?

On Prada's Fall 2011 Fall runway?

One Year Anniversary Gift Part 2

I have no memory (except that you still owe me a one year, paper anniversary gift,
of course) so these sticky notes are ideal for me

And as Mr G can attest, I use Post Its for EVERYTHING! From reminders to buy bread and pumpkin butter tacked to the fridge, to a helpful heads up that the cat's been fed and doesn't need two dinners, I can get real slutty with the Post Its.

And with these cute little bastards plastered all over my room, I might actually remember to do my laundry and make an appointment with my accountant to file my taxes

Well, maybe....

(The monkey with the cymbals is a must! How do I not have these in my life yet???)

(Animal adventures sticky notes with art by Junzo Terada, $11 for 8 different sticky note pads at Fred Flare,

Reminder: Keira is a Chanel Girl

While waiting for the 6 train, I spotted this Kinder Aggugini for Macy's ad that someone had helpfully tagged "Not Keira" 

I'm assuming they mean Knightley 

To which I say "Enh, whatever. They both look alike, outside the price tag"

Beth Ditto is Feeling an Immaculate Connection to Madonna

I LOVE Beth's new E.P. produced by former collaborators Simian Mobile Disco (she was the one dryly stating "Call me up...We'll Hang Out...I'm down for whatever" on their 2009 single "Cruel Intentions")

Last week she released a video for her lead single, "I Wrote the Book" and in the video there's a total homage to the fact that actually Madonna wrote the book, darlings. We're just following her writings. 

Yes the images are clearly "Justify My Love" influenced but Madonna is all over this video with all those mesh, exposed bras, crosses, grainy "Erotica" style closeups, Truth or Dare-esque shots of Beth in hotel robes and hair towels and with her dancers in bed...hell, she even has a pronounced beauty mark when she's dancing and leaving the hotel.

Beth, I like your voice, your style and I love a lady who acknowledges her influences. Meet you on the dancefloor when "Get Into the Groove" comes on!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Non, Cherie!

People, you're going to start thinking me a bitter old queen (start?), but I really can't get behind Natalie Portman's new commercial for Miss Dior Cherie. The perfume is supposed to be a youthful scent full of vigor, so I'm a little lost at the art direction of this ad.

Gone are the days when girls in confectionery dresses floated carefree above Paris on a pack of balloons

Or danced in denim in neon lit backstreet clubs

Or frolicked in rose gardens and had tea parties

Now this Sofia Coppola directed spot is all "kept girlfriend attending mid-day Operas and waiting for her non-descript rich white boyfriend to propose".

That's not really a life I think I'd long for as an independent, vivacious teenage girl
(and let's be honest, I may be part bitter old queen, but the other part of me is a teenage girl!)

-Sigh- I expect more, Dior

One Year Anniversary Gift

Yesterday I celebrated the one year anniversary of "It Can't All Be Dior" and at first I said hold the presents.

Well, I lied. Bring 'em on and in true anniversary tradition, one year equals paper, honey.

First up, my bedroom needs this Etoile House Ecological Cardboard House:

French for star, I love that the "Etoile House" is an Earth conscious rock star house complete with a sweet whip.

Well, the car, bass and scrawny rocker guy are all part of the accessory pack you'll need to throw in, of course. How else will I get hours of play out of my present?

(Ecological cardboard "Star" house, Carton Chic, 21 at Little Fashion Gallery,

(Recycled paper decorations, Carton Chic, 5 at Little Fashion Gallery,

Doin' It? Christopher Kane's Oozy Clutch

Ooh, remember these thingies from the 90's that were part Hyper-color, part Lava Lamp? Christopher Kane sure does and he wants you to rock one as a clutch. 

Would you pair your finest silks with plastic purses filled with color changing goop? 

We shall see come September....

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

It's My First!

Well lads and ladies, I started "It Can't All Be Dior" exactly 1 year ago on a lark that it'd be a fun way to spend time during my unemployment period. Little did I realize it would open employment opportunities for me and how many parties, shows, concerts, cats, cakes, cool sweaters, shoes and jewels I'd share with you over this year. 

Please don't send presents. I already received some major gifts from just writing this blog, such as: 

1. I used my voice: At times I got mad and wrote on things I found hypocritical like the Bedbugs story The Times published that was merely an elitist, bougie opinion piece 

Original Post September 02, 2010

Or when Vogue Italia Editor in Chief, Franca Sozzani, raged against bloggers being a "disease"

Original Post January 31st, 2011

2. I made new friends: When I wrote about Miu Miu's Resort collection, they contacted me to tell me how much they liked "It Can't Be Dior" and would follow my writings

Original Post January 24, 2011:

So did E. Jean Carroll

Original Post February 16, 2011

and By Boe

Original Post August 19, 2010

and many others...

3. I shared the many adventures I had with Mr. Taurus: A year ago we were on our infamous "break" only to get back together in May. We've been tearin' it up ever since from Atlantic City to Coney Island to Connecticut and more. I even took him home to meet Momma. 

Original Post July 27, 2010

4. And, of course, I wore some funky ish: Documented for many laughs (good and bad) when I'm old and grey. 

Original Post August 30, 2011

Thank you all, loyal readers, for the love and support and here's to the next year, kids!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Doin' It: Three Bit Sweater

Shown proceeding a series of coats with riding bits as closures, this Burberry Prorsum sweater at first seemed like yet another entry. But it's a sweater with no need for closures. The bits are just accent and cheeky for their placement. Rascally Christopher Bailey. 

According to Tabatha ALL Salons a Mess

A lot of my friends over the years are hair stylists and I, despite being a simple grow it out and then hack it all off kinda guy, have a close connection to trained people who cut and style hair for a living. After watching more than my share of a "Tabatha's Salon Takeover" marathon the other day, I'm starting to wonder where she finds these hell holes and how they have any clients at all?!

Show after show highlights disastrous conditions: dust piles of hair and filth colonizing in corners and mirror frames, various foreign components growing roots in the hair wax and need I reference the potion of past clients floating in all these jars of Barbicide (ironic since it's meant for disinfecting but needs to be changed daily)? Yuckity

And the hair stylists featured always either seem clueless how to do basic client services for a salon

or are sloppy messes with heavy attitudes and minimal skills to back it up

Now I know this is reality t.v. and everything is turned up to 11 for effect, but there's gotta be some truth to how these establishments are run, or there wouldn't even be a show. That frightens me and it also gives a really bad reputation to professional salons.

But with three seasons and 25 salons under her belt since premiering in August 2008, Tabatha's just got going and the momentum is building. How many scary salons are out there? Is your favorite next? Dum, dum, dum....

"I'm watching you, B"

Karaoke Playlist: Lil Kim - How Many Licks

Miss A.R. and Baltimore crew visiting, we had to hit Botanica for some Sunday nite karaoke.

There I did a word-for-word rendition of this Lil Kim love song. My spot on performance actually brought a group of curious girls in from off the street.

Yeah, I'm that good at karaoke. What can I say?

(Warning: Video and lyrics on the naughty side)

Friday, February 18, 2011

While You Were Out...

Enjoying the preview Spring weather, Mr. Porter, the men's version of Net-A-Porter quietly opened for business to its "Founding Members" today

The store doesn't go "live" to the general public until Tuesday. I just took a stroll and the sneak peek is full of goodies

I fell in love with this Viktor and Rolf sweater when I saw it on the Spring 2011 Menswear runway

(Viktor and Rolf cotton crew neck sweater, $365 at Mr. Porter,

A tiny galaxy of stars covers this Paul Smith wonder

(Paul Smith cotton star print shirt, $320 at Mr. Porter,

Lanvin's got my number with a silk carnatioboutonnière pin. Need!

(Lanvin silk flower buttonhole pin, $155 at Mr. Porter,

But what I love about Mr. Porter more than anything is all the editorial. It's overflowing with facts, tidbits and take away

Style guides including tips for a man's wardrobe and everyday dressing and timeless style icons like Marcello Mastroianni, Mick Jagger, Steve McQueen, Cristobal Balenciaga amongst others

(Marcello Mastroianni)

(Mick Jagger rockin' a very Mackie look)

(Cristobal Balenciaga)

Plus Esquire in its swinging 60's heyday like tips for being a Modern Man

There's even a whole style dictionary

(I didn't know this type of shoe is called a "Monk Strap")

And a pretty smart Q+A style advice from an assortment of fashionable fellas like Jefferson Hack, Pharrell, T Magazine Fashion Director, Bruce Pask, InStyle Editor, Ariel Foxman, etc.

With many more designers "coming soon" including Junya Watanabe, Band of Outsiders and Raf Simons, the future looks very bright indeed for Mr. Porter. I'm glad I could be here for the founding.

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