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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Could You Soon Buy Directly Off

Yes, is moving into a tangible print magazine come October and while that's quaint, the real take away is the buried co-announcement it will start an e-commerce option too.

Fashionologie interviewed editor-in-chief, Dick Standen who confided

"We are working with six New York City designers to be announced during fashion week. They are going to make a very limited number of pieces available directly from their Spring [2012] collection, so that people will be able to buy them right away. We are going to coordinate it with the launch of the magazine so, technically end of October. They will be able to buy it and will receive a nice package in the mail within days."

So now if you're feeling Derek Lam's lamé or Donna Kern's kick pleats for Spring 2012 you can buy them right off the runway. This is a huge opportunity for instant connection to their audience and broadening their customer base beyond the well heeled ladies who usually reserve first dibs. 

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