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Monday, August 8, 2011

Is Heidi Klum Gonna have to Choke a Bitch?

(Whose style advice would you take off this panel?)

This week's Project Runway saw the return of the scariest character of its history (sorry Wendy Pepper)

"Heidi Klum: Voice of Reason"

In the unconventional pet store challenge, Heidi favored Anthony's regal and strong look, taking on Nina, Michael and Pat Benatar single-handedly in her crusade. Well, I had her back shouting at the TV how chic the look was and the noticeable similarities to Alexander McQueen (not a bad comparison for any fledgling designer, let alone if their resources are bird seed!)

(Alexander McQueen Fall 2010)

Heidi loved it, ultimately went head to head with Nina once more for it and even put it on blast at the verdict announcement that she preferred it over the design of the effete Asian of indeterminable (and rumored Madonna-esque "acquired") accent

(Isn't a dog bed covered in, gee I don't know, Fabric?!)

And as for the "too short" comment, the skirt they picked was the exact same length as Anthony's (and might I point out, all the female judges?!)  Producers calling the shots on this one, mayhaps?

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