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Friday, November 30, 2012

I Should Be So Lucky get a subscription to ELLE Uk for x-mas this year, since my first issue would be the one and only Kylie Minogue on the cover of the January 2013 issue 

Last Nite's Party: OUT Magazine 100 Bash

Cuz when a gay glossy invites you out for open Ketle One, honey, you say "YES" 

Especially when the other sponsor, BUICK, is all nervous laughter when co-host, Sharon Needles, climbs on they luxury sedan with her 5'' heels

Thursday, November 29, 2012


Nicolas Ghesquière being courted by LVMH? Or just having a social Thursday night dinner with Arnault and Dior chief Sidney Toledano? 

Alexander Wang the front runner for the opening at Balenciaga? Or just The New York Times' Cathy Horyn throwing her contender into fashion's favorite game of who's on first? (We at It Can't All Be Dior hope she's purely speculating)

Keep those rumors flying, fashion folks, and we will, of course, continue to report on the Balenciaga saga. 

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

I Think I Finally Found my Nancy

I've been on a secret hunt to live out the karaoke fantasy of my dreams playing Lee Hazlewood to as of yet unknown Nancy. 

Despite my best efforts, as of now the only people fluent in the lady Sinatra I know are overly tall gay redheads. 

Until now, honey. 

New co-worker, Erika J just happened to be Nancy-ing up her Pandora when I peered over and just about had a gay conniption. 

I leaned over and informed her "We have a date with destiny, my dear" 

Summer Wine on stage, duet style 

My upcoming birthday party just got exponentially super better. 


Plus, I can scratch Nancy / Lee duet off my bucket list just before the possible Mayan Apocalypse. 

Hey, better safe than sorry.  

Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Now I have no idea who this Cal is 

nor why this sweater is his personal amazing technicolor dreamcoat

but I do know I love a good vintage sweater with a cheeky pattern, honey

And with both my and Jesus Wal-Mart's birthday coming up, nab this sweater and scratch me off the list pronto! 

(Vintage acrylic pointer dog sweater, $25 at Beacon's Closet,

Monday, November 26, 2012

My Sentiments Exactly

After a weekend of Thanks and tofurky, we at It Can't All Be Dior wanna keep the love and good spirits rolling. 

Sultry and savvy friend of Dior, Ms. GL turned us on to fellow Mexican and up-and-coming artist Alejandro Diaz. Crafting catchy slogans into conventional sharpie and cardboard mottos as well as sleek neon works, like this sassy number, Mr. Diaz is the voice for a new generation of artists. 

 "I am interested in creating and drawing attention to existing social and linguistic dichotomies in my work by using phrases that are political yet campy, poetic yet pathetic, serious yet banal." 

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thank You, Ciara

Child, the world is about to give thanks and what better reason than the cornucopia of Ciara flooding the airwaves right now, am I right?

 Club banger you can shake and sweat to? Check, honey! (Plus I'ma need this after all that pie I'ma eat tomorrow)

Ballad for slow, writhing dancing? Girl, you know Ciara got that covered!

You know Ciara got the moves, Ciara got them curves... and now we do too. How you like them Goodies?

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Book Club: It's All About the Dress

(Photo: Kathy Yl Chan)

That shit storm of a Liz Taylor Lifetime movie with the once actress Lindsay Lohan touches down this Thanksgiving weekend, but if you really wanna know all about La Liz and Richard Burton, well "Furious Love" is really the go-to. But as Liz's longtime wardrobe go-to and wife of her personal make up artist, Ron Berkeley, Vicky Tiel had insider, entourage level scoop. And she dishes in her memoirs, "It's All About the Dress". But this isn't backstabbing tell-all, this is the kinda secret sharing you get from a bestie. 

However, that said, tales come out about other celebs like Faye Dunaway, Marlon Brando, Woody Allen, Martha Stewart, and more. 

And boy does she have something to say about designers like Yves Saint Laurent,Mary Quant, DVF and Louis Feraud, the former three she claims all stole from her! According to "Dress", Vicky invented the mini skirt, the wrap dress and designers posing nude in ads, amongst many other boasts. 

Yes, Ms. Tiel is one of those Janice Dickinson types trying to undercut others who claim they were the first. 

This is the perfect side dish this week for a full plate of trash TV and turkeys. 

Monday, November 19, 2012

RuPaul Announces the New Cast of Season 5

But is this Mount Olympus analogy a little heavy handed for the fifth installment? Seems awfully haughty considering the slapdash treatment of the All Stars season.


Meanwhile, much love to my Sagittarius lady and the one spilling pearls up out of a shell (there's gotta be a sexual euphemism in there somewhere)

What do y'all think: is this over the top preview seem off for fading reality royalty? Or is it the bolt of lightning needed to revive the show? 

Friday, November 16, 2012

Tis the Season for Nutcracker Stallkers and French Whore Getups

I can't, honey. 

I just can't!

Can't stop loving this W Magazine December 2012 shot of Marion Cotillard in Dolce & Gabbana, a bob and a lecherous nutcracker that is. Cheers! 

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Let's Talk about Dior, Baby

The damsels of Dior have been out and about showcasing the new looks from Raf Simons. 

But as underwhelming as the Spring Couture and Spring 2013 collections were in my humble opinion, some stylish ladies made it look hot, while some, did not. 

The best

                     (Marion Cotillard)                     (Leelee Sobieski)                              (Marisa Tomei)

Marion Cotillard is the face of Dior and she, more than anyone else, has been rocking the catalog of couture and ready to wear. This strapless and long skirt combo is French fashion's version of casual cute. 

Marisa Tomei worked choppy stripes and ankle monitor pumps, honey.

But the best of the best, HAS to be Leelee Sobieski: ladylike, sleek lines and a devil may care nonchalance. Ohh la la, darlin! 

The Yuk

              (Emma Watson)                                (Jessica Biel)                      (Jennifer Lawrence)

Emma Watson has the excuse of being too young to remember that awful 90's pants under a dress trend. However, I assume she has a mirror? 

Side well pockets? Yes, because women want girth added to their hips. And the length of this mess is making Jessica Biel look short and stumpy. 

Wow. Jennifer Lawrence. Wow. 

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

My Secret Lover Can Really Hold His Liquor

Yes, I have a secret lover. 

I lunchtime liaison over the internet with my lover discretely daily, lest Mr Taurus should find out. 

I can't wait to move him into our home, with or without my partner's permission. 

He's older, more sophisticated and sleeker than any I've met before and (typical) he's a sexy shade of buttery brown


Of course, I'm talking about this mid-century bar cart from Reform Objects. 

What did you think??? 

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

I'm Listening to This on the 'Daley'

Former Gorillaz vocalist and latest Northern Soul singer, Daley, has dropped his long awaited debut single and it's a blend of funk, soul and pop perfection.


Throwing Jessie J (and her killer stems, wowza!) up in their to coo and woo was a brillaint step in capturing a wider pop audience and, well I'm a sucker for a white boy in glasses with flava. 

That's right boy, give that Simply Red realness for the Twitter-atti! 

Monday, November 12, 2012

Gwen Stefani Becomes More and More Like Madonna...

Gwen Stefani hit the MTV European Music Awards with her ska 90's band No Doubt last night in Frankfurt, Germany 

Dressed in her lady-of-a-certain-age draped silks on the red carpet, the transformation into Madonna really is visible

 but it was on stage that it was clear that it's more than the material, girl, that makes the Madge

From the tall boots, to the menswear influence and fishnets, and, of course, the controversial finger/gun posing, Mrs. Rossdale is channeling her inner Ms. Ciccone like bananas!  

Friday, November 9, 2012

They Said it Wouldn't Last...

We had to prove them wrong...

What you're looking at here is my 'new' job's way of rewarding you with a silver metal fly for each year. I got my first one! One year, baby. 

Guess I can stop referring to Bluefly as my new job, huh? I'm a bona fide Bluefly copywriter extraordinaire, honey! 

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Perhaps I Need to Book a Flight to Finland

“We have a very long design heritage,” the [Finnair] spokeswoman said. 
“We really believe that design can make life better.”

No wonder Finnair has chosen to colab with fellow Finnish pop art print powerhouse Marimekko on "tableware, teapots, linens and blankets that the airline will use as part of the three-year deal" and all available for purchase en route and through Finnair PlusShop. 

Says Mika Vehviläinen, Finnair CEO. “Our goal is to become a design airline, and bring our customers unique experiences for all five senses. Cooperation with Marimekko is an important step towards this target. Finnair aircraft will become roving ambassadors of timeless Finnish design and creativity, giving our customers a special experience when they fly with us.”

Wow, you would not be hearing that from American Airlines, honey. 

(Thanks to WWD and for photo, facts and quotes)

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Housing Works Takes Fashion for Action

After last night's historical vote, it's time to think FORWARD. Housing Works annual fashion charity extravaganza begins tonight and it's a great opportunity to give to the community while adding a little something something to your closet

(Ohh like a smoking hot 'Carine' shoulder bag from Tom Ford?)

Hosted by co-chairs designer Thom Browne (for the third year in a row), actress Patricia Clarkson, model Dree Hemingway and TV personality Cat Greenleaf, the Fashion for Action 2012 opening party tonite from 6-9pm at the Altman Building is worth braving the snow since it's always a star studded fashion romp (all remaining pieces will be available to the public Thursday-Sunday at the 17th street Housing Works store)

(A bounty of Thom Browne designed Black Fleece menswear and womenswear)

Fabulous finds from Chanel, Christian Louboutin, Dior, Tom Ford, Marc Jacobs, Tory Burch and many more designer pieces will be up for major discounts off retail with 80% of the selling price going to people living with AIDS and a special 20% goes towards Hurricane Sandy relief





Plus this year, Housing Works if following the retail trend of 'shops in shops' with 
mini-boutiques of tightly edited pieces from Diane Von Furstenberg, BCBG and more 

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Monday, November 5, 2012

This Week I Fell for Brooklyn

Look I'll preface this with I am a former Manhattan dweller and still have many friends that were without electric for days in Lower Manhattan. I feel for them. But beyond being powerless there's another reason I'm glad I now call Brooklyn my address and it really hit home this week off from work. 

Being removed from Manhattan (literally as there were no trains running across the bridge until Saturday) allowed me the most intense opportunity to relish in Park Slope since moving here in April. I had days off, by myself and rearing with cabin fever. Exploration began and in thus I cemented the feeling that previous expeditions had begun to blossom: I'm a Brooklyn boy. 

I prefer community to commerce. 

Comfort to crowds. 

Culinary to convenient. 

Thus, after waking up at my own pace, I went to local parks and coffee shops to "work from home". The written word flourishes when not boxed in by four white walls. 

Work was also done in my thermals while nursing candy corn (hey, it was Halloween!) and good coffee. Sugar and caffeine is an especially strong cocktail when it's of your choice. 

I also took the opportunity to dine in multiple small, mom and pop restaurants up and down 5th avenue. Funny how lunch tastes when it's not coming from a Pret-a-Porter or one of those omnipresent hot bar / buffets in the middle of a bodega. 

I'm not sure if in this post flooding and surges, gas shortages, subway shutdowns and the inevitable return to rush hour if I can put into words the romance I experienced this past week and that's fine. I'm just glad to now call Brooklyn 100% mine. 


ELLE UK reports Nicolas Ghesquière is leaving Balenciaga! 

The fashion label and its creative director of 15 years reached a “joint decision to end their working relationship," effective Nov. 30.

Much turmoil has been going on with designers coming and going at storied houses lately, but never has a new blood ever molded their vision so seamlessly with that of the fashion house while still pushing them forward. Plus Ghesquière's designs resulted in both critical and commercial success. 

When the details start leaking this is gonna be interesting, child! 

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Last Nite's Party: Dionne Werewolf and Hall-oween & Oates

(Do you know the way to Union Hall?)

"I give a little scare to you" 

"Always something there right behind me"

Honey, these are the too much lyrics of the one and only Dionne Warwick / Burt Bacharach cover band, Dionne Werewolf

Miss MT and I got dressed up all ghoul like and went out for Halloween cover band mischief

You can hear me singing along (very poorly) in the background

And I love how they took all these 60's songs and spooky punned them out, child! 

Opening band, Hall-oween & Oates had a full crew and sax player and were bringing saxy back!

And I can go for that! Sure can do. 

Man, I can't wait for Halloween again!

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