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Friday, August 26, 2011

C'mon Irene?

So all this hub-bub about Hurricane Irene hittin' New York City this weekend (Umm... didn't we have our first earthquake in a minute too? Jebus! What's going on around here?!) and all I can think is: what am I gonna wear?

1.  Snorkel Umbrella, in grey or yellow, $44 at

From 25togo a novelty company from Taiwan comes this dome umbrella with built-in goggle opening so you can see the people scattering the streets of Soho

(Don't try creepin' up on me, b***h! I can see you!)

2, Marimekko Rain Poncho, $75 at

My LOVE for Marimekko is well known, but this purple and blue raindrops print inside this super utilitarian poncho is the ONLY ones that will be fallin' on your head. 

3. Aquatalia Rain Boots, $265 at

Just cuz you're puddle jumpin' don't mean you can't be cute. Although Aquatalia has a great reputation as keeping your feet dry and bangin', so cute is only half the battle here, honey. 

And if all else fails, stay home hoarded up with some Netflix and Pop Tarts

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