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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Newsflash: Magazines Continue to Struggle

Get out!

Seriously though numbers came out for the first quarter of 2011 publishing year and only VOGUE had an increase (12.7 % for the year so far). Let that sink in for a minute before I drop another bomb.

Critics are saying this March 2011 issue is why VOGUE avoided the otherwise universal fate:

Behold the power of Lady Gaga. Her March cover shot by Mario Testino pulled in the youngin's known as little monsters by the dozens and drove VOGUE's sale figures sky high (the issue sold over 100,000 copies more than March 2010).

I'm not gonna critique the cover or the star or anything of such, but I will say this a new generation of stars are emerging and the youth vote counts (which is surprising considering how often we hear they read everything online) so let's see how other fashion mags respond to the numbers (Glenda Bailey, of course, just wants to permanently slap Jennifer Aniston on the cover. Oh Glenda, always out of touch)

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