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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Stone Cold Beauty

(Emma Stone is a new addition to the Revlon beauty ambassadors)

Boy the beauty ambassadors luncheon this year is gonna be huge. They’re gonna need to call the Marriott ahead of time to make sure there’s enough rooms available. And while Revlon’s announcement that Emma Stone is one of their latest faces isn’t exactly a “diversity” push, it kinda still is. See the thing about Ms. Stone is she’s smart, quirky and fresh faced

I mean this with all the love in my sizes two small heart: she’s relatable. To a lot of girls that feel overlooked in a market where Olivia Wilde is also named a Revlon face

(Olivia Wilde modelling purple eyeshadow and no underarms)

Go ahead Emma. It Can’t All Be Dior toasts your continued success. See you at the continental breakfast bar!

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