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Thursday, September 30, 2010

I Must be Trippin'

Cuz this ad makes not a lick of sense

Book Club Contender?

And really, Pigeon, who can blame you?

Hey, Somebody's Got to be #1

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sequined Sweaters Make Mouths Happy

How cool is this sweater on Housing Works' website right now? A Markus Lupfer for Topshop sweater with shiny mouths reminds my oldness of those Twizzlers commercials and The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Either way, the petulant high school me would have needed this sweater back in the day

I still might....

I Can See it Must be Autumn

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

You Can NEVER be Too Tall or Too Skinny

This Facebook photo denial window is in denial

Window Dressing on the Side: Ugg

So an artichoke and a gimmicky footwear relic of the 90's walk into a bar...

This Week's Project Runway Moment

Mood's store dog, Swatch, snagged himself a whole lotta airtime this week. He even coughed up a little somethin. Cutie. 

PS: Go Mondo, win that $20,000! And of course you chose "bright".

(photo courtesy of Racked)

Monday, September 27, 2010

Please Paris, No More Midriffs


Paris fashion week is here and I beg that the regrettable recent return of the midriff in New York, London and Milan is ne'er spotted in Paris.

Only Cher could ever make these looks sparkle but that was the 70's and Bob Mackie

(Anna Sui)

(Roberto Cavalli)

(Marc Jacobs)

(House of Holland)


And the decidedly more 2000's/ Britney Spears vibe definitely DOES NOT work either

(Jeremy Laing)

(Roberto Cavalli again)

(Jonathan Saunders)

(Y-3 again)


Bad, bad, bad. 

Paris, I can only hope you'll deliver some serious Mode in a season that seems much more focused on the Depeche.

Thanks for the Ad: Housing Works Fly Girl

Housing Works gets all Project Runway on us

A Perfect Weekend

Mr Taurus took me out to dinner at Maracas Restaurant. Let me tell you, we had a blast! The whole nite had an "anything can happen" special vibe and it was very "me and my man out on the town".

We started with some "Latin Passion" drinks (Yes, yes I know I LOVE the Latin Passion) with a little mermaid straight chillin' in the drink!


It was like the club up in this place. The club and a cotton candy explosion. My kinda joint!

In between the light show, the cut outs, the tacos and chatting with our new friends at the neighboring table... it was a magical evening

(num nums)

(look at this lady!)


After a fantastic dinner we ran the city with some of his friends and some of mine

(Miss JB and Me)
I felt like a young gent again. Thanks Mr Taurus. And thanks New York!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Four Legs Good: Peanut at Work

A lady brought little mister adorable, Peanut, in today. He ran right into my lap and stayed there the whole time. 

I'm a hard worker. 

This Week's Top Model Moment


And while Tyra got her hair DID

They threw us a curve ball by eliminating a complainy B right after makeovers. Seasons and seasons of ungrateful girls crying over haircuts and NOW they decide to cut this week's whiniest? 

Especially poopy since she was an early fave of mine, Miss Terra

AKA Monica's twin

And I LOVE me some Monica!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Gucci Gaga for Genies

Hey Gucci, Barbara Eden better be getting royalties! Robin Williams better be getting creative advisor credit!

Good Advice, Wrong Source

While these are sage words, may I remind you that Piperlime supplies the butt ugly shoes from this season of Project Runway 

(focus on the shoes. Piperlime can't be held accountable for the above clothing designs)

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