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Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Kills Killed It

The show last nite was pure rock and roll

Friday, April 29, 2011

How Do You Reference Barbara Walters?

My visual go-to reference for flat, uninspired old lady, old money clothes is Ms Walters.

Evidently Nene's go to for "I got cousins, whatcha got?" is Ms. Walters. F-in' love it!

This "preview" has been running all week and now I cannot wait 'til Sunday!

If trouble with the video, click this link:

DON'T: Invite Victoria Beckham to a Wedding!

(Now that's a look honey!)

Posh clearly never heard the edict about stealing the bride's thunder. Must remember to sit down and scratch this B off my wedding guest list

Battle of the Kate's Round 1

Well, the battle of the British Kate's gettin' married has drawn first blood. Kate Middleton became royal this morning and she did so in a full lace look by British designer Sarah Burton of Alexander McQueen

(Make 'dat money, girl!)

No surprise here. Fashion blogs have been buzzing for weeks that Sarah Burton would land the gig despite a bunch of designer red herrings released by the press in the recent weeks.

But what about the dress?

Anyone else think it's a bit mumsy for such a young girl? I know dress makers Long Island over are scrambling to knock it off already but will the modern American girl really want all that lace, covered arms and delicate English rose look?

And this is a McQueen look? With the MET previewing its McQueen respective in Vogue and online, just imagine the glamour she could have pulled out. Yes, she looks sweet and refined here, but she could have looked POW and you gotta pull out a TKO if you wanna beat Ms Moss, my dear.

Cuz you just know that B's gonna bring it come July.

To be continued....

Guess Who I'm Seeing Tonite?

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Work Blog: Guilty of Puns in the First Degree

For my work I wrote a blog post on "Spring Shoe Lineup" full of criminal puns.

Click the link or photo below to go to the original post:

Three Makes it a Trend: Suicidal Nature

Look nature, I know I may have been rough in my tone this morning. I may have yelled at you for this ridiculous Summer heat and thunderstorms at the end of April, but please, don't take any cues from the recent surge in suicidal nature scenes in retail

1. de Castellane Gallery on Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn

Admittedly there's a lot to question about this bi-polar Park Slope space (is it a gallery? is it a vintage store? why the snowy wilderness NOW?), but look close and you'll notice one distressed puss

(I hope this little leapers got nine lives....

2. Ksubi on Mulberry Street

Australian jean shop, Ksubi, is one of those overpriced dirty hipster stores from the overpriced dirty hipster heyday. Now you only take notice of it on your walk to the grocery store because of the creepy long haired guy either loitering or "working" and its weird ass windows featuring gas masks and these birds drinking the kool-aid

How is this selling hip-huggers?

(Hard to make out the kamikaze sparrows. Easy to make out that long haired creepy guy.)

3. Louis Vuitton on 57th Street

Wee ostriches are so distraught by their momma being used as a glorified coat rack at Louis Vuitton, they sell themselves down the river before they've even hatched

(A Speedy end for our friends at Louis Vuitton)

There's a sobering social critique in here somewhere.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Holy Who You Know! Riccardo Tisci's Got Good Friends

(Christina Ricci gets lacey)

V Magazine asked presumed Dior heir Riccardo Tisci to play editor and pull together some pals and style them all religious like for the 60th edition of V. 

UK newspaper, The Independent, has got the pre-scoop

(Model of the moment, Arizona Muse plays Madonna, dressed like Madonna)

Like Ms Ciccone, Mr Tisci has long explored his Italian Catholic heritage examining Catholic iconography while exploring human sexuality

(Catholic mass candle wax has dripped all over model MariaCarla Boscono, a la "Body of Evidence")

Look religious mumbo-jumbo aside (and he delivers a bunch in the article) these ladies are in with a good horse and that's all the blessing a girl can pray for.

Chanel Roach

Oh what do we have here? Chanel on board with the roach theme. Well too late suckers, I already waved that Raid flag.

Although this little guy is kinda cute....

(Chanel roach brooch, $295 at Roundabout Greenwich, 203-552-0787)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Balmain Rousteing Up a New Head Designer

And he be cute!

But for all future press could new HBIC, Olivier Rousteing, ditch the Senior year graduation pose please? 

And now for some facts: in charge of the womenswear design team since joining in 2009 from Roberto Cavalli, he's now got the whole thing on his back since Decarnin's decampment. But will he Sarah Burton and continue on the aesthetic he helped establish or will he whip up some new looks? As someone who is OVER the street urchin look (especially at Versailles prices!) here's hopin' he's got a new trick up his cutie-pants sleeve. 

Bring Back My Girls

Oh TV, why do you do things like this to me?

Simultaneously pull out from under me not one but two of my Monday nite addictions?

What, am I supposed to go outside or something? You know how I feel about that mess. I'm disappointed, even more so since the season finale of RuPaul's Drag Race didn't even have an upset. We all knew Raja had this thing in the bag since she strutted out in that Westwood-esque getup in the premiere ridiculously themed Christmas ep

And now she's the official winner and Manila and Alexis start plotting her "accidental" death

And with Bad Girls Club wrapped up with a treacly "Oh we all cool now" finale episode, there will be an extreme lack of drunken fights in my home now

I guess I'll just start slipping whiskey into the cat's bowl

(Nothing unusual here)

But with the admitted drag queens and the drag queens in denial both ending last nite, what should I start planning? When does True Blood come back?!

Just Down from the Target... Practice

I don't get to Park Slope as much as I'd like. It's Mr Taurus and my romantic spot and trying to meet up with him the other day over the phone he directed me to his exact location. However, I retorted "away from or closer to the Target"?

Yeah, I work Brooklyn like I do the suburbs: "where is it in comparison to the Target?"

Once we met up he wanted to show me something: a series of old target practices that someone had drawn the day's appropriate costume

And you know we broke out into an impromptu photo shoot, honey! When life hands you a gallery of shooting range practice posters, you better not miss a shot!

(I love this shot of Mr Taurus doin' his best Michael Meyers)

Am I an Alcoholic or a Fat Kid?

Why do I want this Margarita cupcake from a Texas bakery I've never been to so badly? 

Maybe it's that shot of tequila lime zest buttercream icing with sugar rim reminding me of the Cancun spring break I didn't take this year. Maybe I'm preparing for Cinco de Mayo now since I'll be too busy with Design on a Dime then? 

But if I baked these at home (which I may do in lieu of an impromptu Southwest trip) I'd use a salt rim. Cuz I ain't afraid to mix my savory with my sweet. 

("Margaritaville" cupcake at Ooh La La Sweets, $3.25 for a jumbo and what other size would you want?

Monday, April 25, 2011

Karl Lagerfeld Shoots a Magnum

Karl Lagerfeld directed this commercial for Magnum ice cream starring his boytoy Baptiste Giabiconi and OC-er (and what since???) Rachel Bilson and a whole lotta Belgian chocolate

Baptiste is playing the perfect manic "make love to the camera" photographer and Rachel "maybe you prefer my real hair" is flat and sullen. So a convincing model.

But really, like we're supposed to believe Karl has a favorite ice cream?

Aldo Gets in on the Monster Mash

(Aldo turns lemons into poison)

Oh no, the monster platform 90's hybrids have hit the mass stores! 


Hide the children!

(hidy-ola subway ad closeup, if you're the masochist type)

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Chilean fashion brand, Basement puts Kate Moss and a handsome bunny in a room to do some multiplication. Let's see what happens:

PS: Nice mating dance!

Friday, April 22, 2011

David Webb is Laughing (Cow) All the Way to the Bank

(David Webb carved coral bull bracelet with gold and diamonds available at 67th Street and Madison)

(Laughing Cow cheese with 50% less fat available in the dairy section of your local grocer)

MSNBC Came a Callin' and I Wore...

My boss was interviewed by MSNBC Thursday about being a successful small business owner and I snagged me some on-air time too. Had to look the part! So threw on my trusty coral cords paired with a pale grey dress shirt and vintage jean jacket. The Moschino scarf was a double win for the mighty blustery day as nothing beats a good scarf flappin' in the wind.  

Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Asphalt of Dorian Gray

One of my favorite things about living and working in Soho is taking in all the street art on my daily commute. In this case actual street art using tar on sidewalk in the visage of a true dandy on the corner of Mercer and Spring Streets.

That's some enviable wind swept hair but this must be before Dorian's murder and strumpets spree.

Thanks for the Ad: Crazy and a Poet?

I get that this Second Avenue sign is meant to imply "he's so kooky he's giving the space away" but crazy landlords are what most people are trying to avoid, right?

Don't We Look Cute Today: One Last NYLON/Housing Works Party Pic

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Asprey is Bowler-ed Over "It Can't All Be Dior"

Is British luxury label Asprey a loyal reader of It Can't All Be Dior? Cuz I just wrote my sonnet for Bowler hats

However, I did not advocate their hidden talents as purse hooks and catch alls

Man, recent trips to the Upper East Side for work have been a bounty for Window Dressing on the Side posts. I forgot how much energy Madison Avenue puts into their windows. Trust me, more to come!

Last Nite's Party: NYLON and Housing Works Tribeca Party

Last nite Miss J and I met up with Mr Taurus for a NYLON Magazine party at Housing Works Tribeca to celebrate Spring (but alas Spring's invite must have been lost in the mail)

Meanwhile lovin' the new digs for Tribeca. Very ra-cha-cha

My latest fixation: shoes

(Cover girls doing stock poses)

("Siptar" knows all. I know if you drink too many 'it will be so' that you drunk!)

(This would make perfect birthday gift for Mr G... hmmm.....)

(Or this...)

(J on the hunt!)

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