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Friday, August 5, 2011

What Kinda Fancy Pink Lemonade Even Has Mint?

So I tried the Pink Lemonade mini cupcake (Baked By Melissa's August flavor of the month) 

(I threw in two of the cinnamon flavored ones in too. They my FAVE!)

and I gotta say I'm torn.

While anything covered, smothered or filled with lemon curd gets my motor running

my engine stalled due to one tragic flaw here: the mint

The mint in the icing is too powerful. It hits too heavy and when combined with the lemon and sugar, my tongue registered mojito more than lemonade (that should give you a hint on how the mint, not the lemon is the star)

Further, the mint lingered on the tongue post cupcake gobble. It wasn't obviously as intense as the moments after brushing your teeth, but that dry mouth of mintiness sensation still came to mind

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Maybe I'm being too picky. Maybe my lemon curd lust will never be satiated. The only comfort I take is in my co-worker's assessment of the pink pastel cupcake with bright yellow filling's flavor:

"It's surprising"

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