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Friday, May 20, 2011

Oh Ladurée!

When Miss A.T. and I went to Paris for my 30th birthday we spent an evening on our shared hotel bed sitting Indian style and comparing notes.

I thought the blackcurrant violet was too jammy while the orange blossom was the perfect balance of creamy sweetness with a hint of floral. Lemon was her favorite with coffee a close second

We were comparing macarons from famed pâtisserie, Ladurée. We'd both purchased one of each flavor and we're literally writing down individual reviews (no blog then, for surely that was an It Can't All Be Dior post!)

(Ladurée macarons give Christmas a run for its money in the city of lights)

Anywho, the big news is now I can relive that memory again and again come July when Ladurée finally expands to the States with a shop opening at 845 Madison Avenue (between 70th/ 71st street)

A reason to travel to the Upper East Side? Quelle surprise!

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