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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Window Dressing on the Side: Creatures of Comfort

Happy Halloween!

(Creatures of Comfort boutique, 205 Mulberry Street in NoLita, New York,

Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Amount of Candy I've Had This Week!


Window Dressing on the Side: Lanvin's Masque of the Red Death

Leave it to Lanvin to celebrate All Hallow's Eve in luxury.

This Madison Avenue window display is so sensuous it's like you can reach out and feel the plush velvets and silken tassels run through your fingers; you can hear the din of bourgeois laughter and clink of crystal stems over the full orchestra waltzes and you can smell the mix of woods and spices with heavy oriental perfumes dabbed on the ears and necks resting behind those masks

This is how The Rich do Halloween, honey

Still Don't Have a Halloween Costume?

Hey Kids, it's approaching the 11th hour and are you still on the Halloween costume search? Simon Doonan to the rescue

It's no news that he created these great "couture costumes" exclusively for Target

BUT I betcha by dollar they're on clearance in the stores right now as retail makes way for Santa. So in reality waiting til the last minute, saves you buck-a-roos. You look wise now.

And really, weren't you heading to Target this weekend anyway? You need paper towels.

(My favorite, Miss Candace Corn is one Mod piece of corn syrup!)

Funny runway show and obligatory link below. Enjoy!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Umm... This Be Good: Spooky Sale Puns

French Sole has got quite the sense of humor. Or at least the punny 2nd grade humor I enjoy. 

(French Sole 985 Lexington Avenue, 212-737-2859,

This Week's Project Runway Moment

Wow. Did not see this one coming. I couldn't believe last nite I was actually having to shout at the tv, "the clear winner is Mondo!" Imagine my further surprise when my two 'team Mondo' co-horts were none other than Heidi Klum and Jessica Simpson. PS: Jessica, honey, you looked and sounded a mess. Did you just have dental work, why do you sound like that? Mr Taurus thinks you had your lips plumped

(oh, honey, where's Michael Kors yelling "mother of the bride" when you need him?)

Anywho, Mondo's embrace of prints and colors I thought was finally going to be rewarded in fashion

(Mondo's final collection pieces. I love the winks at cohesion like the digitized houndstooth in the clutch and the skirt in these two looks. It's smart and he wears his wit on his sleeve)

(but for some reason The Great Pumpkin to the left here really liked Gretchen)

See the hugely objectionable part of last nite was when Nina and Michael said Gretchen's loose, shapeless Boho clothes in jersey and a muted palate were where fashion is going next. No, unfortunately, that sloppy street urchin look has been the rage for far too long. Look life is difficult, I understand, but getting dressed in the morning is one of the best parts. Stop trying to turn your pajamas into your look, ladies. And stop hiding under layers that hang off your body. As it stands Gretchen's "forward" look can be seen right now at Free People, Rag&Bone, All Saints and many, many more. Trust me

(Gretchen's "fashion forward" designs)

But I digress. I believe like Austin before him, he was robbed an obvious win but will go on to be successful and will find a perfect fit home in fashion design

Still totally team Mondo!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown (and Everyone Else)

It's on right now and I haven't seen it in years. I never seem to catch it. 

Oh and I never noticed this Daniel Boone ghost before...feeling his look a lot

DON'T: Caramel Apple Hershey Kisses

Every Fall I get excited to nab up the random "limited edition" flavors of Hershey Kisses and while I stand alone in my enjoyment of the Candy Corn flavored kisses, the aversion to these nasty little confections is united

I know what you're thinking: chocolate little dollops filled with caramel, how could this be so blech? 

It's the apple. Like an undermarket house rife with poltergeist, this one little annoyance offsets the whole thing. An apple flavoring just a notch more authentic than a Glade candle rises up from out of the caramel and imparts a rank taste that lingers on the tongue long after any good is gone

(Just look at that thing waiting to swallow your soul)

If you are thinking of passing these out to trick-or-treaters this year, DON'T! 

Or there will be flaming dog poop just waiting on your door step!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Adventures in Lawsuiting: The State of Hells Angels vs. Alexander McQueen

(ooh this knuckle duster is stirring up some dust indeedly!)

Remember when Diane Von Furstenberg sued Target for using leopard print? It was pretty darn ridic that anyone would claim to invent leopard print (unless you is like the very first leopard ever, then you might have a case)

Well, now The Hells Angels are suing Alexander McQueen for the label using skulls with wings on scarves, dresses, purses and the knuckle duster pictured above. They claim this is their logo and that the McQueen fashion team is using it a  little too willy nilly and now needs to pay up.

Let's judge, shall we

(And because I'm a nerdy little guy, I chose Liechtenstein over all the other areas repped by the Angels. Cuz nothing more badass than a doubly landlocked Alpine micro-state in Western Europe)

(Who knew Nicole Richie's omnipresent Alexander McQueen skull print scarf was a shout out to the Angels? West side!)

Umm... I hate to break it to everyone involved, but skulls? NOT that original an idea. I'm pretty sure my sister had a bandanna with skeletons all up on it in High School and that ish was from McCory's and she was never in no Hells Angels (that I know of....), so something's afoot here.

You be the judge: should the house of McQueen be held accountable here or is this just some Angels raising some Hell?

The Mother (and Sister) Load

Since moving to the city, I receive an annual  "care package" from my mom and sister right before Halloween stuffed with sugary bits and bobs 

(Wait a minute...didn't my sister just have some long visit to the dentist????)

and there's always a pair of Halloween themed socks. This year's of course was a black cat. 

NOW Halloween can begin.

I love that my family understands me!

Is This Part of the She by Sheree Line?

On this week's episode and all over the red carpets, Sheree from the "Real Housewives of Atlanta" has been seen in this meta self-referential t-shirt

Seems like you gonna pop culture name check yourself. Boo. 

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

What's the THEORY Behind This??

Olivier Theyskens, of the Gothic tiered and floaty chiffon dresses and the torturous footwear, has now been named the Creative Director for THEORY of the office appropriate slacks and skirt suits

Head scratcher----how do the two tango? 

(typical Theyskens)

(typical Theory)

But I guess the critics also protested Chocolate and Peanut Butter's nuptials once too. We shall see...

Monday, October 25, 2010

Rihanna, You may be the 'Only Girl In The World' Who Thinks This be Cute

Ok Rihanna, can we chat? I get that after "Rated R"'s Hard-ness, you need to remind your fans (and yourself?) that you're not so serious and that at heart, you're a pop kinda gal.

I also get that last album wasn't the commercial juggernaut that "Good Girl Gone Bad" was and now you're trying to run with the cartoon candyland vibe on the one hit single, "Rude Boy".

But, girl, this song is a wreck! That TIRED tinny production sounded dated when I was dancing to it the first time around in college. And the chorus' heavy sharp synths just scream "Hey Snooki, next round of bottle service is on me!"

I'm sure this will play well in the H+M's, but I had higher pop music hopes for you, Ri Ri. It all seems a bit desperate and a huge step backwards in your trajectory. For all of it's commercial shortfalls, "Rated R" at least showed maturity and artistic growth. This just feels like a girl putting on a clown wig and a tutu singing to a bunch of balloons in the desert. And who wants to be that girl?!

This Week's Project Runway Moment

The annual "Tim Gunn visits 'em at home" episode with the usual mix of family makes him dinner and talks about their child/designer/contestant's struggles growing up gay/poor/female/immigrant/all of the above

But Tim Gunn squealing in fright over Andy's icky poo catfish  (who the heck  farms catfish anyway???)  was icing. 
Pure icing. 

That said, with his sense of style, mischief and his "Day of the Dead" theme, I am 100% FIRMLY

Very Important for Fall: Jack o' Lanterns and Black Cat Cookies

Last nite Mr G and I had our annual carving nite complete with black cat cookie making


(during, they got all fat cat on us in the oven!)

(after... a little chocolate icing for black fur and butterscotch morsels for... yumminess)

(Lucifer stares down the competition)

(scraped clean)

(you gotta save the pumpkin seeds)

(for baking)

(carvin' and munchin')

(Mr G made free form skull cookies)

(Lucifer took a snack break. It's tough being a Muse)

(cookies done)

(Jack O'Lantern did! Everything did!)

I Need this as a Tattoo

Child, it feels good to have a day off!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Farewell Miss JR

Last nite I went to the bittersweet farewell party at Botanica for my friend, Miss JR. She's moving to Utah to be with her Mountain Man and thus another friend leaves the City

But before I could say my goodbye, I had a very happy "Hello Again" right inside the door (I love you, Botanica!) with Miss RW, a hairstylist I worked with on a shoot. She's full on laughs and hi-fives, baby, and I love it!

I got to introduce her to Mr Taurus but she quickly exclaimed "Oh, I feel like I already know you since you're all over the Blog!" That could be true....

Umm, now for the obligatory pic of me and my man

but look it's dark and mysterious. whooooo.....

Anywho, so we made the rounds and saw a whole bunch of folks

(This magical little duo has infectious energy. So glad to see them again)

(Mr Taurus was completely under Miss CB's spell all nite)

(ooh child, that be some posing! At least my tie's finally straight)

Sadly, Uncle Money Bags here, did not pick up the tab

Bonne chance! in your new journey, Miss JR! You'll be missed. Who else but you would have the idea to hire a photographer to take candids all nite for your farewell party?! (hence the lack of photos. more to come???)

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