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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Black is Beauty-ful

With yesterday's announcement that Ethiopian model Liya Kebede is to be the latest face of L'Oreal, another lady of color joins the vast ranks of beauty ambassadors.

L'Oreal for one has Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez and Freida Pinto in its diverse roster already

(There's nothing "Slum"my about Ms. Pinto's beauty)

Revlon, of course, famously has ageless Halle Berry on board

(Most people would name Halle Berry as the face of Revlon)

Penelope Cruz and Dominican model, Arlenis Sosa are both proud Lacome spokesmodels

(Sosa is anything but so-so)

Estee Lauder showcases diverse beauty is "Ideal" in its new ads with Peaurto Rican model Joan Smalls and Liu Wen from China. 

(Nope, not a Benetton ad; rather an "Idealist" view of beauty)

So my point? When will fashion labels catch up with what beauty labels already know: the more range you show in your ads, the more people you connect with. Fashion is no longer just for pretty white people and with economies emerging in China, India, the Middle East and such, fashion labels have scrambled to open new boutiques there. Why not follow the beauty giants' lead and open themselves up to new markets visually too? 

After all, the only real color that matters in the world of business is green. 

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