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Friday, October 29, 2010

This Week's Project Runway Moment

Wow. Did not see this one coming. I couldn't believe last nite I was actually having to shout at the tv, "the clear winner is Mondo!" Imagine my further surprise when my two 'team Mondo' co-horts were none other than Heidi Klum and Jessica Simpson. PS: Jessica, honey, you looked and sounded a mess. Did you just have dental work, why do you sound like that? Mr Taurus thinks you had your lips plumped

(oh, honey, where's Michael Kors yelling "mother of the bride" when you need him?)

Anywho, Mondo's embrace of prints and colors I thought was finally going to be rewarded in fashion

(Mondo's final collection pieces. I love the winks at cohesion like the digitized houndstooth in the clutch and the skirt in these two looks. It's smart and he wears his wit on his sleeve)

(but for some reason The Great Pumpkin to the left here really liked Gretchen)

See the hugely objectionable part of last nite was when Nina and Michael said Gretchen's loose, shapeless Boho clothes in jersey and a muted palate were where fashion is going next. No, unfortunately, that sloppy street urchin look has been the rage for far too long. Look life is difficult, I understand, but getting dressed in the morning is one of the best parts. Stop trying to turn your pajamas into your look, ladies. And stop hiding under layers that hang off your body. As it stands Gretchen's "forward" look can be seen right now at Free People, Rag&Bone, All Saints and many, many more. Trust me

(Gretchen's "fashion forward" designs)

But I digress. I believe like Austin before him, he was robbed an obvious win but will go on to be successful and will find a perfect fit home in fashion design

Still totally team Mondo!


  1. I am still so upset and in such shock over this whole thing! I was on Team Mondo ever since day one.
    Every fan of PR is wondering what the hell happened, and a number of my friends said they are done (I'm actually looking forward to Isaac and Iman's new show, hoping it will be a way to forget this whole season of PR).
    I think one of two things happened: either they felt that a woman had to win, to appeal to the audience that they think is "Lifetime" (which is ridic, since everyone adored Mondo. Plus, I don't think the people who watch lifetime are running around in Gretchen's granny panty outfits!!!), or they felt that his look was too related to Seth Aaron's, which was only a few months ago.
    (Even though, other than using some plaid and pattern, they had totally different looks and completely different silhouettes - Mondo is like junior couture, and Seth Aaron was definitely for an older customer - not old, just older).
    Oh and my other theory (which is probably closest to the truth), is that Michael and Nina were super-pissed off, because Mondo insisted on keeping the long polka dot dress in (or as Heidi kept saying, "Polka Dress!"). The Orangae Duchess was downright HOSTILE towards Heidi and JSimp (and yes, what the hell was going on with her? Oh, and get this - she was wearing Michael Kors, and it was incredibly unflattering on her!!!).
    Gretchen's collection is stupendously ugly, and the color scheme was hideous. Not to mention the granny panties (oh wait, I already mentioned them), and mixing up the leather with the flowy dress (huh?).
    I would not wear a single thing of hers (whereas, I would wear tons of Mondo's designs), and since when does PR reward people for being "on trend at this MOMENT," instead of for being innovative, fresh designers, who do their own thing and who have enough going for them, that they deserve getting the seed money to start their own business?
    Honey, I could rant for days about this. And, other than Mondo, this season has had the worst designs (it rivals the dreadful season that they were in LA, and there was not a single memorable outfit from that whole season!).
    I was thinking that Gretchen was the Wendy Pepper of the group, but the judges had such lavish praise for her, almost every week, and I just do not get it. Ok, I'm done ranting (for now).
    Where did you get that FAB "Team Mondo" image that you posted the other day? xoxol

  2. Ha, Lori I love you! The heated betrayal fans are feeling right now after Mondo was robbed his rightful win... I can relate. How they awarded down trodden clothing and denied a joyous collection, I can't comprehend. As for the "Team Mondo" logo, there were weekly watching parties that featured that on promotional fliers. Too cute. xo -m

  3. Miss you, sweetie - I wish I had watched the finale with you!
    Gretchen is like a black hole of depression, in clothing form!
    As you said, Mondo is joyous.
    But, as you said, Mondo will definitely find work, and keep doing what he loves. He's moving to LA, I am sure he'll have tons of people who will want him to dress them!
    And, who knew that JSimp would know a lot about fashion and retailing? (I guess she's more involved in her accessories lines, than I had thought!). When she talked about how Gretchen's clothes didn't have hanger appeal, and Mondo's did, she was so on the money, PLUS the clothes were wildly editorial!
    I can't even imagine how they are going to shoot Gretchen's clothes for Marie Claire - Nina's gonna get fired!
    I think they need to change judges for next season. I used to think that Michael and Nina raised good points, but this season, the judging was just crack-tastic! xoxoxol

  4. Dear Mac, What a great blog! LG just directed me here and I adore the whole vibe of your site. As for Gretchen, for her even to be in the final three, much less win, was the stupidest decision in the history of PR. It was intensely painful. Among other results, this should ensure that there are always five judges in the finale, or three, but never an even number again. Even with four, what makes the Two Duchesses' votes count more than Heidi's and Jessica's? I agree that they were petulant and annoyed with Mondo's independence, while wanting to reward Gretchen for being a good girl. GOOD GIRL? Good grief! Remember the episode when she was the unelected, self-important, bossy "team leader" who then pretended she wasn't the leader when her team lost? And remember the scene in MODE when she snatched a bolt of fabric from another designer's hands (I'm pretty sure it was Michael C)? She doesn't have a nice or good bone in her body. She was a bitch, a witch and a piss-poor "designer." As Mac says, just walk down a million streets and you'll see "looks" like Gretchen's and they're not head-turning looks. They're grunge, which was old when it was first introduced, and translates as lazy, not as WOW.
    And may I say a few words about the God-awful outfit G designed for her moment of glory? WTF was with her transparent black skirt? HUH? And talk about "carefully selecting accessories from the Piperlime wall": her shoes? Again, WTF? She's already six feet tall and she needs to be 6'4"? And such ugly shoes. Ugh.
    When Tim visited her and she said she'd returned home to have her boyfriend break up with her: what a surprise. Can't imagine why he wasn't waiting for her with a warm cup of tea and open arms.
    And her totally fake hugs of people she had already said in those
    straight-to-camera interviews she hated. She hugged them when they lost. That's when she started liking them. When they were her competition she was nothing but a catty bitch.
    Mondo, by contrast, never said an ill word about anyone but Michael C and then he freely admitted that he'd been wrong.
    Team Mondo will live as long as Mondo does, which I pray will be decades and decades on Oscar night red carpets and fabulous events around the world. He is a genius who stayed true to his vision while Gretchen kowtowed and pandered to two of the biggest jerks on national TV. Auf to you, Nina, and to you, too, Michael Kors. If anyone saw Nina Garcia on the street in NYC or anywhere else, would anyone think she knew the first thing about fashion? I wouldn't. And, as I told Lori a few weeks ago, I tried on a Michael Kors trenchcoat in Lohemann's
    and, PRESTO!, I looked eight months pregnant. Thanks, Michael Kors. I needed that. The two of them should not hold the fate of a genius such as Mondo in their hands. Their hands are waaaayyyy compromised by now. Who trusts their judgement? Not me.

  5. Anne, you ROCK! I don't get how Gretchen made it to the final three AT ALL! Everyone I know, is still seething over this. xoxol


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