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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Jessica Simpson is Stupid Rich

Seems Jessica Simpson has been quietly going the Ashley and Mary Kate route 

Remember when it was announced those teen twin tots had amassed some ridiculous fortune peddling straight to video holiday movies and sugar sweet sunshine perfumes and t-shirts? Well self-portrayed dum-dum Simpson remembers. She took note and decided to follow suit with her name slapped on shoes, bags, jeans, perfume and such (mercifully holding off on any "Jessica Simpson's Haunted Halloween Caper" movies... so far) and now her business is worth close to $1 billion!

(I'd be dancin' too!)

Sold at MACY's and other mid-America friendly spots, Jessica Simpson has been one of the few success stories from that insidious "now I'm a designer" disease that hit big in the 2000's. But without a fan base for her music and films, and with no fashion cred, HOW has she been able to move so much merchandise? 

Fashion Icon?

and need we see this again?

So here's my theory: America has become uncomfortable with its body. Obesity continues to increase across the states and we identify with and support a celebrity that has fought with her own weight problems publicly (hello Oprah)

Add that empathy with a general disinterest in quality 

Add that apathy with a fear of fashion. 

Cuz let's be honest when most people are following US magazine and the "style" of innocuous starlets from MTV reality shows, what they are really saying is that real style is not digestible nor relevant. Trends don't compute and fashion is foreign. "I can understand cut-offs and lariat necklaces and maybe I'll experiment with a floppy hat. Maybe. But I'm not taking any risks. I want to blend in"

So fine. Jessica Simpson makes a completely logical messenger for ho-hum style and bully for her! Make that money, girl!

(laughing all the way to the bank!)

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