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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Harper's Bazaar Needs a New Year's Makeover

It's no secret that magazines and fashion haven't exactly been having a stellar time lately, but Harper's Bazaar seems to have had yet another particularly rough year.

At a time when they should be publishing flashy, attention grabbers, these are some of Bazaar's offerings in the last 12 months


 And then 2010 ended with this

Fun to sparkle it up with Swarovski Crystals (the fashion instant picker upper) but the audacity of Bazaar copying an old VOGUE cover. Can't you just hear poor old Carmel Snow spinning?

("I am not amused")

And now 2011 doesn't seem to be starting off very well with this white on white cover

*****Now just let me preface this with I very much like the choice of Julianna Margulies*****

Having had the pleasure of working with her in real life I can vouch for Ms. Margulies being a very sweet, classy and smart woman (plus this spares us yet another month of Kate Hudson's bankable blankness)

It's a major strike against Bazaar that they don't showcase Julianna's strong, toned physique and striking beauty and comfort in her own skin in some formidable way. The whole thing is dull, uninspired and a waste of a different cover subject. 

So now, with a new year ahead of us, I have to put into words what we're all thinking

Bazaar: you've gotten soft. You're resting on your former glories and aren't living up to your star potential. You're out of touch and flabby and need to shed some dead weight. I suggest you resolve in the new year a complete make over, but not just visually. Yes, no one would argue that your house is in need of a fresh new coat of paint, but inside is where you're really hurting. If you don't work on you from within, you'll never reclaim and improve yourself. 

with much love and best wishes for 2011,

It Can't All Be Dior


  1. Ugh, could not agree more!!! And, I am with you - why are they all so fixated with Kate Hudson, when they have access to someone like Juliana? I think she is far more beautiful and interesting. Also, could they have possibly squeezed more copy on to the cover design these days? It looks more like a tabloid, less like a fashion mag. I often wish that Vogue and Bazaar would take a big risk (unheard of these days) and put NO copy on their cover once in a while - just a gorgeous photo in a beautiful fantastical environment, with the logo, and that's it. I think they would stand out MUCH more on the newsstand, don't you? xox

  2. i think they forget that the risks taken before with covers and designers and fashions is what gave them clout and made them the sage voices of fashion. -sigh-


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