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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

It's a Gift: Eddie Bauer Rucksack

I recently have fallen out of love with my man bag/murse thing with the handles and my canvas totes. It's all too "another thing to lug" and I only have two hands. Add in the wind chill factor in New York lately and having hands out of pockets isn't ideal

A return to backpacks seems the way to go of late. So I have my casual toss around backpack covered but how great is this worn leather job from Eddie Bauer for more serious tasks? Now you know I'd nick that name plate thingy right off the front immediately but I like that this "rucksack" feels refined and rugged simultaneously

And it's getting major love on the E-Bauer site. So if you're looking for a practical present that will actually still be loved come February, pack it in. Your choice is clear.

(Leather rucksack, Eddie Bauer, $199 at

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