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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Tree Glows in Brooklyn

Mr Taurus and I put up a Christmas Tree together in his Brooklyn apartment. Nontraditional, yes, but neither of us has bothered to even get a tree in the past few years

(no Ken doll tree topper is complete without being bound to a Rainbow Brite sherbet star)

When I was in college, I convinced my sister that a white tree was the Modern choice and tres, tres chic. Even though my mom isn't the biggest fan and I can't come home, my family still puts the white tree up every year

Mr Taurus surprised me with a bit of MD in NY


It 'twas such a sweet Christmasy evening together and our own way of celebrating

Mr Taurus getting in the spirit

(pink boas and dollar store flowers... still needs more)

(I'm not tall)

(oops, I forgot: the tinsel goes on the tree)

surveying the progress, Mr Taurus realizes exactly what the tree needs

More dolls!

(he's a perfectionist always looking for ways to heighten the environment)

(tinsel aftermath)

(the view from the outside)


  1. I love that mac, THANK YOU!!

  2. Wonderful! You made my day...although it also makes me miss you even more! Kisses to both of you for a quirky and heartwarming visual treat.

  3. Oh, I just LOVE this!!! How sweet is Mr Taurus, to get you a white tree? David and I always have a "kitschmas tree." You will both have to come see it when it is all set up, it has lots of toys on it, too! xoxl

  4. thanks guys, it's a pretty awesome tree and a pretty awesome guy :)

  5. its so great baby toes


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