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Friday, December 10, 2010

Blake Lively Latest Pokemon for Karl Lagerfeld

So by now I'm sure you're heard that Blake Lively has landed a huge Chanel handbag campaign for 2011, which is fine and dandy, but my favorite part of this omnipresent news is how all these sources explain it as "Blake and Karl have been friends for awhile now"

Umm, I feel it necessary here to issue a warning to Miss Lively to be wary. Karl plays fast and loose with his dinner invites. 

Former play dates include:

Paris Hilton and Karl used to share Eskimo kisses before he gave her the kiss off

Courtney, he Loved once

Karl shared Avril in Paris

he used to never let go of Lindsay

soon it was she who was clinging to their friendship and sharing the spotlight with soon to be billionaires

Mischa Barton was crazy for Karl (and Claudia Schiffer's arm)

even though Lily Allen's big hit was a song "smile", she was the face of Chanel for a minute

fickle with the fellas too. Kanye here

Brtiney Spears was once showered with gifts from the kaiser

The list goes on and on. So enjoy your moment now, Blake, but it's not just gossip, girl, when I say Karl is already looking for your replacement and that Demi Lovato girl is gonna spring from rehab any day now

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