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Friday, December 24, 2010

Somehow It's More Cold Outside Now, Baby

Before Santa comes let's have a visit from the Spirit of Christmas Past

Picture it: 2008 and GAP ads were still fun little tidbits filled with pop cultural references and surprise celeb "gets".

The annual Holiday ads were particularly happy little jaunts that just happened to be selling striped merino wool sweaters

In "Baby, It's Cold Outside", part of a collection of GAP duets that year, Selma turns the tables on Rainn with my favorite sorta Chistmassy but mostly sexually harassing song. Rainn gets in the last quip though with a final "no" that's less "means no" and more "nuh uh girl"

And what the hell is that double double boil and trouble he's drinking? CLEARLY roofied!

Oh GAP, where has this merry spirit gone? Now it's all so cold and grey

(although go Yaya! Make dat money, boo!)

1 comment:

  1. LOVE Ryan Kwanten!! in one of my favorite colors too ;)


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