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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Miss KM's Birthday Party at Apotheke

I haven't been to Apotheke in a minute, but boy was it good to be back. I love this little Chinatown hole in the wall tucked in the back street of Doyer Street

(This is the exterior)

Who'd know that this is what waits inside

All I know is I freakin' loved my muddled bell pepper and dill martini with fennel oil, peppercorns and a chipotle salt rim

 Num nums!

And Miss KM looked smashing for her Bon Fete

Just take in these details:

this flea market find rabbit belt was the talk of the nite. Top notch!

and stacked platform Marni boots makes my heart beat race

The nite was such a success with my fellow Sagittarius, I may have to steal back again to this spot for my own birthday party

(Apotheke, 6 Doyer Street, (212) 406-0400)

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