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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My Latest Get Rich Quick Scheme: Your Other

While at Stanton Public the other nite munching on p-corn, the bartender, Christina, told us about all the clothes in the lost and found left behind by clients distracted by gossip, drunkenness and first dates: scarves, hats and such (fun fact: hoodies make up the largest percentage of accidental sartorial leave behinds)

This led to her telling how she herself has lost many a right hand in sets of Isotoner gloves her Grandma sends her every year for X-mas

Just then, a thought--- why not connect all these dots and make a dating site where you post your left side purple cashmere cable knit mitten to be paired up with that sad sap who has only the right side. We decided to call it "The Other"

After all, if you meet a man who wears his Love for "Night of the Hunter" on his hand, it's meant, honey. Or at least someone to kiss on New Year's

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