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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Blank Swan

Went to see "Black Swan" with Mr Taurus last nite and now I'm left feeling a heightened sense of longing

(you certainly look the part...)

This movie's successes were all on the shoulders of the supporting cast starting with Mila Kunis as a sexually delectable frenemy jutting in and out of scenes with ripe hips and lips and baby doll eyes. How could one resist such a morsel of temptation?

Winona Ryder was in great form but had too few moments to shine as the once Queen. Each time on screen, however, a faded glory crackled with the remnants of wit, beauty and power of the former "It Girl" and she had the most chilling moment of all involving a common nail file and some powerful neurosis

Vincent Cassel's domineering Lothario wants to teach Natalie Portman how to break out of her perfect lacquer, but alas he cannot

And this is my big fault with the movie: Natalie Portman is stale. Dull. Blank.

Yes, I know she was cast to play the role of a limp perfectionist but she's also supposed to have an about-face and flourish in her heathen new role and despite the script telling me otherwise, I didn't see it. Ms Portman never sheds her milquetoast veneer

As a lifelong dancer himself, Mr Taurus saw more in the film, felt the rigor, the pain, the dedication and was  impressed with Portman's commitment to studying the movements of a ballerina

In drastic comparison, my only gripe with Ms Kunis is her obvious faking it. She's supposed to be the runner up in the ballet troupe, yet who'd give such sloppy, loose moves the silver?

The movie overall was a bit comme ci, comme ├ža. Maybe it's all the hype. Maybe it's that I'm under the weather right now (too much birthday partying. oy.)

Sadly I believe the more logical answer is it's another case of "Down with Love" where the movie would have been great if only they'd not cast such a dud of a leading lady.    -sigh-

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