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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Last Nite's Action Verbs: Roasted and Mulled

Last nite I got my cold Winter nites on and roasted some parsnips

(Step 1: wash and prepare parsnips. Pre-heat oven to 400)

(Step 2. slice into strips and place in foil on baking sheet)

(Step 3: season with olive oil, rosemary and thyme. Pop in oven for 45 mins)

While the parsnips roasted, I prepared the mulling spices and wine 

The beauty of mulled wine is you don't need no fancy wine. You're gonna spice it up anyway, so cheap old red will do. I got a $9 Carmenere from the local Chilean wine shop. Num nums!

Mr G had a prepared mulling spice mix, but all you need is cinnamon sticks, cloves and oranges

Ooh, parsnips are done!

(Step4: pull out of oven and eat right out of the foil, European style)

You'll know they're ready when golden. They're like a French fry with a decidedly English and earthen tone. Insanely tasty and perfect for a chilly eve

Especially with 

Mr G wasn't feeling well and was on medicine, so I drank most of the mulled wine (minus his one cup) and let me tell ya, I'm not complaining!

What a perfect Wintry nite of warm nosh and nog

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