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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Mario Bava's "Danger:Diabolik" is the Life for Me

Mario Bava is part of that Italian crew of film makers that understands a good set and hot chicks in sleek clothes more than make up for something so trivial as plot

(umm... need I say more?)

in "Danger:Diabolik" I think there's some nonsense about a jewel/gold thief and... well that's about it. 

But ignore all that and just take in the sights and sounds (soundtrack by Ennio Morricone!)

I mean I would just strut around in these sleek sets driving sexy white cars with stylized ski masks on and hot sluts with little mod outfits on my arm....

and take showers with modesty art and furs as towels...



Oh Demi wishes!

This movie also reinforces the three truly basic things a man really needs in life:

1.  a good trench and a strong brow

2. a firm handshake

3.  and a Balmain wearing strumpet to wake him up from his sea of a 1,000 pillows slumber

I got the first two down, but I'm fresh out of strumpets

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  1. Someone bought me the DVD of this, a bunch of years ago, and I was in awe of the art direction and style. So happy to see you posting this! I also loved our discussion about this recently. You really are wonderful at seeking at these wonderful, creative, beautiful things! xoxol


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