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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Dressing Rooms Just Got a Little Scarier

Like the pay toilets of yesteryear, dressing rooms soon will come with a fee (but hopefully not pee) if a trial run in Australia catches on, according to the Sydney Morning-Herald newspaper.

Feeling the crunch of a downward economy and the rise in e-commerce, Australian boutiques with heavy rents have gotten resourceful charging clients a small fee to try on clothes. Upon purchase, the deposit is refundable but only if you buy. Tough break if it doesn't fit or creates a uni-boob or just has that mysterious "well, it looked good on the hanger".

I think this is a bit extreme, but as someone who's spent some time working a store, it would be nice to charge slovenly tryer ons with the cleanup of all the dresses tossed like rags. "Who just left this room? Salome?" Jerks.

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