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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Vous êtes Monocle!

Would an "eyeglass necklace" by another name not look as sweet?

(Vintage Chanel Eyeglass Necklace, price upon request at Resurrection Vintage Online, 

Slap any name on it you want, Resurrection Vintage but it will always be a "chain monocle". 

And I got my share of fashion friends that agree it's about time this look came back 

(Madonna, duh)

(Natalia Vadianova and Hermes)

(Johnny Depp)

(and Winona, forever)

And with Spring finally here couldn't you just see girls (and some astute boys, of course) wearing these little danglers of design and drama with their rolled sleeve blazers? Or magnifying all those prints that are so omnipresent right now? In fact I kinda like the idea of a 70's Shanghai Louis Vuitton style gal pulling up her chain monocle to give you an icy glare. Maybe that's vision of Bond girls dancing in my head again....

Either way, I'ma troll the vintage stores on the lookout for one of these that isn't so expensive you've gotta request the price. 

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