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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Go Bare!

Everyone from Gandhi to Depeche Mode to your bratty little sister who wasn't doing well in school has told you to walk a mile in their shoes. Now try walking without shoes at all.

All the world over people without shoes work hard to accomplish their daily tasks. In addition to the physical toil of going shoeless, there is an increase risk of catching deadly diseases and infections. And barefoot children are not allowed to attend school, thus locking them into a life of poverty. Toms has been dedicated since its founding in 2006 to donating one pair of their shoes to children in need for every pair purchased

So today, toss off your work shoes that pinch and proudly tell your boss it's for a good cause! Raise awareness for the shoeless by running around in your stocking feet (honey, if you go 100% naked feet in the New York streets, you deserve whatever snaggletooth nastiness you get!) and get the message out to donate and participate.

One Day Without Shoes event listings can be found at and here's a small NYC sampling;

Are you an NYU student? Well ditch those Tory Burch flats and mosey on down to the Carlyle Court dining hall tonite for a Sole Food dinner and a movie on the shoe-less experience. Free but open only to NYU kids.

From 7-9 pm, Carlyle Court, 25 Union Square West, 212-443-7474

At Triple Crown receive comped admission to improv comedy by Red Tie Mafia and laugh it up with your fellow hecklers without heels

At 8pm, Triple Crown, 330 7th Avenue, 212-736-1575

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