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Monday, March 28, 2011

Bowler League

Just the other day (before my abscess drama, so it feels like a lifetime ago) I was telling a hat-friendly co-worker how he should invest in a bowler

(Wool felt classic men's bowler, San Diego Hat Co., $35 at

I've always loved the shape and it feels so classic and sophisticated. The hat has also become iconically linked to one of my favorite artist, Belgian surrealist René Magritte

(the artist in a bowler with his Son of Man, bowler also on top)

We've already seen this trend on the runways

(Antonio Azzuolo Spring 2011)

(Ralph Lauren Spring 2011)

(Kenzo Fall 2011)

And now I wanna get Lucifer in on the bowler action too, although I don't think he's as hat friendly as the fluff-n-nutter in these photos

(Handmade acrylic pet bowler hat, Mel P Designs, $20 at

But my co-worker wasn't sure a bowler hat was right for him. Understood, my large noggin' is what's kept me away from it and any hat unfortunately. But we could don these socks from Corgi with nary a worry and nab a little of that bowler magic

And I've acquired quite an extensive sock collection already, so why not. Plus I'm diggin' the red and turquoise contrast. Color blocking and a wink of Magritte? Add it to the bottom dresser drawer, baby!

(Corgi cotton blend socks with bowler hat motif, $28, exclusively at Mr Porter,

Not convinced? How about some gleeful dancing in a bowler. Take it away Mr Yorke!

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