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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Fashion Trend Death Knell: Leave these Flat Platforms in the 90's Please!

(They're coming to get you, Barbara...)

If we're to believe the Spring 2011 runways, women want to look like flatfooted visions of non-sex in these hideous cement shoes. 


Weren't these bad enough the first go 'round in the 90's? 

They didn't Spice Up my Life then and their flavor makes me extra queasy now. Ladies, do me and your Facebook photo album a favor and avoid this trend like the Hot Topic plague it is! 

(Run like Hell from Chanel)

(Disregard Marc)

(Parade away from Prada)

Please, please, please be careful. A coronation of ugly Frankenstein shoe editorials and ads is coming our way! But we must fight back against the days of vinyl pants, ska influences and monster shoes. I got my pitchfork, grab your torch!

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