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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Pass Me the Roach, Man

I am feeling this roach pin* on Ebay right now! My thoughts are to pin this realistically painted metal piece to my jacket lapel or emerging just a wee bit out of a breast pocket and watch the reactions.

I've got a sick sense of humor.

But it turns out, I'm not alone. Just dig these other roachy goodies

1.  Sterling silver  Roach Brooch

This was the first piece I saw in roach chic and I've been hooked ever since. Somehow a common pest took on a sophisticated sheen. But the price on this guy made me look a little harder

(Sterling silver roach broach, Cast of Vices,  $225 at

2.USB/ necklace combo

Facebook obsessed girls can get behind this trend too with a blingy USB powerful enough to hold all those incriminating photos of you wearing the USB as a necklace

(Bejeweled cockroach USB/ necklace combo, $33 at

3. Dinner for two

Uninvited guests? Just plop down one of these plates (or bowls or cups) and watch them scatter

(Ceramic 9 inch screen-printed plate, foldedpigs, $18 at

4. Solar powered cockroach toy

This claims to be an educational toy to teach your child about solar energy. I say it's meant for little brothers to scare their sisters. Tomato, tomahto

(Solar powered cockroach educational toy, OWI, $7.95 at

5. Cat nip filled roach cat toys

But why let Junior have all the fun, when Mr Bitey can swat around a giant cockroach too. And really who doesn't want to come home to this sight

(Organic cat nip filled roach, The Cat Farm, $7 at

6. Roach print checks

When paying the rent, I like to include subtle reminders of all my maintenance issues. Right now my checks are of the mysterious leak from above variety, but when they run out...

(Cockroach checks in 4 styles, $19 for 100, at

7. Roach motel keychain

When I started this roundup I fully expected to find the obligatory rubber roach gags,  necktie, and cutesy printed stationary but what the F is this? I am shocked my mom has not sent me one of these!

*Above painted metal roach brooch available on ebay, but I'ma snag it right now!

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