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Friday, April 8, 2011

New York Mag Goes to Dwell!

(That Girl knows the power of a good Vellux)

This week's New York Magazine is all about the importance of a good apartment in New York City. We work, we run and we play harder than any other city, no wonder the tiny candy box we call home must be an all sensory (re)treat

(lights and music, are on my mind...)

I loved even more how NY Mag showed how the apartment of the city dweller has been wrongly dictated multiple times on the screen. Giant palatial lofts for waitresses and unemployed actors is what the city's made of, right? Not so much, hon.

Of all the categories of cinematic apartments, the "That Girl" aesthetic was the one I was drawn to. Doesn't hurt that two of my fave movies were on the list


(Party Girl)

Oh Mary! My former roommate and I used to watch "Party Girl" like very week! And Jane Fonda as sexy call girl Bree Daniels knew how to work a Sally Hershberger shag long before silly old Meg Ryan. Plus they both had apartments that felt a little shabby, a little rough around the edges and financially capable for a lady of the nite and a library clerk (whatever you do DON'T get it confused with a librarian!)

So kudos, New York, you made your move past Time Out in the battle of the weeklies. But don't get too comfortable. This crown not rent controlled! 

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