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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Three Makes it a Trend: Suicidal Nature

Look nature, I know I may have been rough in my tone this morning. I may have yelled at you for this ridiculous Summer heat and thunderstorms at the end of April, but please, don't take any cues from the recent surge in suicidal nature scenes in retail

1. de Castellane Gallery on Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn

Admittedly there's a lot to question about this bi-polar Park Slope space (is it a gallery? is it a vintage store? why the snowy wilderness NOW?), but look close and you'll notice one distressed puss

(I hope this little leapers got nine lives....

2. Ksubi on Mulberry Street

Australian jean shop, Ksubi, is one of those overpriced dirty hipster stores from the overpriced dirty hipster heyday. Now you only take notice of it on your walk to the grocery store because of the creepy long haired guy either loitering or "working" and its weird ass windows featuring gas masks and these birds drinking the kool-aid

How is this selling hip-huggers?

(Hard to make out the kamikaze sparrows. Easy to make out that long haired creepy guy.)

3. Louis Vuitton on 57th Street

Wee ostriches are so distraught by their momma being used as a glorified coat rack at Louis Vuitton, they sell themselves down the river before they've even hatched

(A Speedy end for our friends at Louis Vuitton)

There's a sobering social critique in here somewhere.

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