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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Time to Wash Your Woolies

(While filthy, maybe he shouldn't wash by hand)

Ok it's Spring (sorta...) and time to put your wools and cashmeres away, but eww.... those sweaters are a bit crudded up with remnants of Old Man Winter. Whatta ya do? Who wants to pay to dry clean all those? Ching-ching.

Answer: wash that thing yourself! Who knew you could wash cashmere sweaters? Well the gals behind The Laundress did

Two Cornell University educated women (both got degrees in "Fiber Science and Apparel Management". How about them credentials!) frustrated with high dry cleaning bills and ruined treasured clothes, they took matter into their own hands and created eco-friendly laundry line, The Laundress in 2004

It has since  developed into a whole line of sweater shampoos and après laundry cream for your hands. In fact the line has grown into a whole lifestyle brand with beauty and home and gift items. Go ahead girls!

This is a great example of entrepreneurship but my bougie bell is ringing full blast. I'ma stick to good old fashioned Woolite

(Yes girl, get that industrial bucket! I got a closet full of sweaters to wash)

Below is a helpful video from The Laundress(es) on how to fight grime the old fashioned way with elbow grease and a wash bucket. Plus my secret weapon of cheapness masquerading as "environmental", a drying rack (outside of blankets too big for my Chinatown apartment, I air dry everything, a frugal tip passed down from my momma)

This actually looks fun to the nerdy DIY side of me and perfect for a rainy day activity. Now if only we had some rainy days....

For eco-friendly cleaning and home products:

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