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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Revolving Diors

Ok with John Galliano suspended and obviously not coming back, a successor is needed for Christian Dior. Someone who can handle both the Ready to Wear and the Haute Couture.

Here's some of my suggestions

1. Jean Paul Gauliter

A very obvious choice what with his enfant terrible reputation and his love for the dramatic. He could easily carry Dior forward and is available for another house with fashion history to take on since he left Hermes.

2. Olivier Theyskens

I know he's busy with Theory and all, but after a triumphant turn at Nina Ricci and an equally dramatic oust, critical darling, Theyskiens, would be up for the challenge, I'm sure.

3. Stefano Pilati

With rumors swirling once more that the Gucci group is on the verge on letting him  go from Yves Saint Laurent, he'd be open for a job and obviously familiar with the pressures of taking on such a revered French fashion house.

4. Giambattista Valli

This man knows how to dress a woman so she is the epitome of glamour and sophistication. He has a large celebrity following, which LVMH will need to pull Dior's reputation back (there will unfortunately  be a negative view connected until someone is able to wipe the slate clean).

With so many talents around, though, there isn't a shortage of designers to take over and perhaps we can look at this as a breath of fresh air and forward momentum for Dior.

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