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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Hey Wells Fargo, Can I get Fries with my Deposit?

In the ever changing landscape of banks post Great Recession,Wachovia has become Wells Fargo but the real question is who's their interior designer? Mayor McCheese?

Sorry buddy, don't think there's a dollar menu here and you definitely can't have it your way

(That logo even looks like it should talk about wrasslin' up a stagecoach of Fargo fries)

And then my mind wanders into money semantics like would Hamburglar qualify for a loan? Is Birdie planning for all those McNugget Buddies futures with a diversified portfolio? What kind of interest rate would Grimace get? He don't look like he very good with his money

Mmm-hmm, too busy hanging out with that no good crew of yours working that same dead-end job all these years. You need to getcha money right.

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