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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Closing the Shades


I got a bad habit. One that has hindered my progress for some time and I need to remedy my ways. I can be aloof. Standoffish. Shady. Or to put it bluntly: Rude.

Sure deep down inside I'm one big ball of nougaty energy and sweet, sweet laughs, but you gotta dig deep, baby; past the crispety, crunchety, and way down to the peanut buttery. And that's if I'm not all wrapped up tighter than Joan Collins at an Oscar party. (Perhaps next year's Lent absolution will be mixed metaphors?)

So for Lent (not a subscriber of religion, but I find things in each that appeal to me. Self-sacrifice for self-improvement? Yeah I like the sound of that) I've decided to give up being dismissive and detached. I'm going to be open to new people, new experiences and fingers being laid on my Butterfinger (I swear that's not a double entendre).

It won't be easy to have a "say yes!" mentality, but I'm dedicated and that my efforts will be aired here, for the whole world (or at least my mom) to see I'm sure will yield heavier investment.

More to come.

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