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Friday, March 18, 2011

This is a Run I'd Tag Along for

(image from "Oh No They Didn't!" blog)

How did I miss this? Purrrr-inducing Ryan Gosling has signed on as the lead for a remake of 70's sci-fi fluff with fluffy hair (Hello Farrah!) "Logan's Run"

(not the makeup counter at Bloomingdale's)

Nerd alert confession: I own the original 1976 crapfest on dvd and since I'd never seen it and since it's kinda hokey I can only write it off as a drunken ebay purchase. Thanks midnite and Michelobs (I don't really drink Michelob but Sam Adams lacks alliteration)

This mess was part of the sub-genre of the hugely successful disaster movies of the 70's, the apocalyptic future disaster movie. Other entries include "Soylent Green" (Netflix it, amazing!), "The Omega Man", "The Andromeda Strain", etc.

Anywho, so Gosling is gonna play Logan 5, a government "sleepman" who collects for public sacrifice the citizens when they reach the undesirable old age of 30. I know a few people who date this way

(take a ride on the carousel)

(Dante much?)

In the original Run, Michael York had about as much sex appeal as a wet sheepdog on a ratty old plaid dog pillow passing gas, but Gosling should bring a wry, sharp hunkiness to the role

("He's not even cute")

However, is he mayhaps a bit too intense? I mean this is some capital silliness here. No great love affairs, no drug addicts, no tumultuous marriages, not much emoting necessary

But a Ryan Gosling in motion is a sexy thing indeed, so this Run should go the distance

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