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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Wearers O' the Green

It's Saint Patrick's Day and the combination of Irish heritage and showman in me loves any excuse to celebrate while wearing a silly outfit. However, there's a lot of naysayers out there that ballyhoo the color green and it's fashion savoir faire.

Well, naysayers, take a look at this list of clever clovers and tell me it isn't keen being green.

1. Angelina Jolie

Workin' it at this year's Golden Globes like an Adrian clad leading lady. Her face just reads "Bow down to your Queen" and she's earned your serfdom in this emerald Versace Fab-o-Gown. 

2. Heather Duke

This envious little sycophant wore her true colors on her sleeve. Sure when she went popular, she copped Heather Chandler's signature red, but inside she was still one mean green mother. 

3. Hannibal Barca

The Carthaginian general is most remembered for taking elephants over the Alps, but his military brilliance is studied to this day. One of his favorite strategies was using the terrain to cover his troops in the greenery. Wearin' of the green doesn't just mean the shamrock glasses and "kiss me I'm Irish" t-shirts of the great drunken masses. 

4. Green Berets

Speaking of verdant victories, the Green Berets have my vote for sexy soldier. I hope this record covers Gang of Four's "I Love a Man in Uniform"!

5. Liz Taylor

La Liz. She was a fan of Brits with green and Mr Burton (yes, I know he was Welsh) showered her with jewels. The emerald earrings and matching necklace from Bulgari amongst the most famous. Verde, verde nice.

6. The Riddler

Frank Gorshin, my dear, your manic laugh still knocks around in my head and I love your commitment to the character. Now I have a riddle for you: How were you able to leap about in Moschino before Moschino? Jealousy.

7. The Green Power Ranger

The Anti-Cousin Oliver, the addition of the Green Power Ranger grew that ish into a
non-stop monster of a hit with legs like a Fosse chorus girl.

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