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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Reoccurring Lust: Mrs. Meyer's Secret Scents

(Where the H can I find the rhubarb?!)

Last nite I played one of my favorite games: let's troll the internet for new Mrs. Meyer's flavors they've leaked without fanfare (yeah I'm one of those guys who gets his kicks scouring household cleaning products online late at nite. Don't judge me.)

This brand notoriously introduces limited edition scents for each season to test them out and see if there's an audience. Basil became such a hit it's part of the regular lineup now and I've seen a whole lot more of Honeysuckle recently

Well in the wee hours (Ok, 11:30pm. I told you not to judge me!) I struck gold and unearthed these two new scents:



How did I not know of these? I gotta get that B, Mrs. Meyer, on Google alerts!

So far I've found only the candles, but is the whole Clean Day line available cuz that counter spray kicks ass! And who doesn't want a looming scent of nutmeg and cinnamon brown sugar after wiping up the daily coffee tarnishes? That's the kinda sweet, intoxicating smell that makes children want to drink poison.

Sidebar: I 100% question the validity of the lady's claims to be all natural since I've seen it strip crud off that mean old toxic 409 couldn't get, but... details, details.

(Cranberry and Snickerdoodle scented soy candles, Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day, $6.99 on Ebay,

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