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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Cintra Wilson Finished Being Critical?

"This will be my last dispatch as your Critical Shopper. This column has been a singular joy and privilege to write, and I will miss your readership. Whenever you find the mate to your perfect bondage-boot hidden under one of the couches at Barneys on sale day, I will be with you in spirit"

And just like that my favorite bitter pill of a professional shopper, Cintra Wilson, signs off at The New York Times?

And with a review of the United Nude store on Bond Street? Really? I mean an architectural shoe line is nice and very Cintra ( a self-professed shoe maniac) but a bit of a weak fade out if you ask me.

Come back and be mean to the rest of the Manhattan Mall!

Afterall, Roundabout hasn't even been reviewed yet!

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